Beauty Secrets of 10 Most Gorgeous Miss World Pageant Winners

We all want to be treated like a queen, agree? International beauty pageants – like the Miss World pageant – give rise to beautiful women all across the world who mesmerize people with their amazing charm. But how do they manage to look so flawlessly beautiful even at an older age? Every beauty queen has her own style mantra. In this post, I will take you through 10 such beautiful ‘Miss World’ winners from the pages of history and share their beauty secrets. Keep reading.

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1. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (1994, India)

This graceful lady epitomizes beauty and grace and has taken the beauty of Indians to a whole new landmark. One of the most successful Miss World Winners, this diva is blessed with gold hair and glowing skin and follows natural tips to remain beautiful. For her skincare routine, she swears by a face pack of besan, milk and turmeric as an exfoliator. She also uses a cucumber mask to hydrate her skin and occasionally uses yoghurt to keep her skin glowing.

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Aishwarya follows a strict diet regime and refrains from having junk food or any sort of fattening foods. She loves to have boiled vegetables and prefers brown rice due to its high fibre content. She also eats her meals frequently because that prevents more eating and helps in burning body fat.

This beauty queen has never been an avid fitness freak and rarely hits the gym to have a toned body. She does yoga every day, which helps her maintain her balanced self. Along with that, she goes for brisk walking and light exercises to accentuate the fat burning process.

2. Priyanka Chopra (2000, India)

The world loves Piggy Chops comes as no surprise. It’s not only because of the talent but also because she is extremely beautiful. Priyanka loves DIY solutions to take care of her skin and hair. She uses sea salt lip scrub for dry and chapped lips, homemade ubtan body scrub for hydrating dry skin and yoghurt with honey as a nourisher for taking care of unhealthy scalp problems.

She has naturally great locks and it looks great when styled. She maintains the lustre because she loves hot oil hair massage which is the key to softer and more manageable hair. Priyanka follows a healthy diet chart and keeps herself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. She also drinks coconut water and prefers baked or fried food to bring down the carb intake. She is a huge fitness freak and workout is something she never misses. Well Priyanka, now we know your beauty secrets as well.

3. Manushi Chillar (2017, India)

A perfect combo of beauty with brains, this aspiring doctor proved what it needs to be a true Miss World. At the age of 21, she brought back the much-needed pride to India. Her beauty secrets have always been a matter of speculation. Well, not much is known about her beauty secrets, but she believes that happiness is the key to true beauty.

She believes ample sleep is needed for a natural glow and she makes sure she keeps herself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. She also keeps stress and anxiety away by free running and dancing. This gorgeous beauty also practices yoga and works out 4-5 times a week. Regarding her diet plan, she cuts down on the sugar intake and eats a balanced meal with high protein intake. Manushi loves pilates and squatting, which is quite evident in her fit body.

This dedicated girl never skips any meal or fasts because she believes a good workout combined with the right intake of food can do wonders for your body and mind. Long way to go, girl!!

4. Rolene Strauss (2014, South Africa)

This flawless beauty from South Africa, who is also a doctor by profession, knows how to look gorgeous and flawless in each of her looks. She goes by the CTM routine and cleanses her skin every day after waking up. She also hydrates her skin with a good serum and sometimes even sprays Vitamin C to add a surge of freshness to the skin. She also does enzyme exfoliation and prefers to go for the ‘no-makeup’ look most of the time.

For taking good care of the hair, she goes for salon treatments and always uses heat protection tools that are gentle on her locks. She doesn’t follow any strict exercise routine but she loves to do cardio and weight lifting exercises to keep her body toned. She also travels with her skipping rope when there is no gym to hit. This diva has no particular diet chart but she believes eating the right food according to your blood type works perfectly for the body.

5. Rosanna Davison (2003, Ireland)

Former Miss World Rosanna Davison is a perfect size 8 and swears by vegetable diet to have the perfect bikini type body. She is a beauty food guru and believes nutritious foods and drinks can help to support energy levels all day long and even boost your mood. She wears minimal makeup and has a firm belief in the power of a good workout routine. She avoids junk food and eats plenty of green vegetables, fruits, high protein intake meals with healthy fats and complex carbs which helps to keep her energised throughout the day.

She also drinks avocado or nut butter to keep herself filled up for longer. She also follows a strict moisturizing routine, both during the day and the night as well. She also advises to keep stress away in order to look beautiful. She adopts vitamin supplements to attain a targeted skin care health. She is a true nutritionist and people swear by her beauty tips.

6. Megan Young (Philippines, 2013)

Megan Young is the first ever Philippian to win the Miss world crown and follows a bundle of confidence-boosting beauty and health care tips to remain happy and focused. She adheres to a bunch of fitness exercises to attain the perfect bikini body. She does fitness training, weight training, core training along with cardiovascular exercises for strengthening the muscles and enhancing the body fitness.

She is a major foodie yet manages to have a slim waistline. Megan has no bars to junk food and eats plenty of chocolates, macarons, ice-creams and cheese. All the credit goes to the strict workout routine that still helps her to stay fit. Like all other celebrities, Megan has her holy-grail skin care products too. She always uses a sunscreen and applies facial oil, cheek tint and liquid lipsticks.

7. Azra Akin (Turkey, 2002)

This beautiful Turkish model was the recipient of 2002 Miss World title. Since her childhood, she has always adopted a rich variety of foods full of cereals, vegetables, fish, meat and bread. She follows a healthy lifestyle to remain energetic. At times, she also eats junk food but that depends on the extent of physical activity. Azra was the host of the Turkish version of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ which helped her to do a lot of dancing. These dance practices helped her to stay in shape. She also loves swimming and practices yoga to stay in top shape. Not much is known about her beauty secrets, but she believes happiness is the key to glowing skin.

8. Ivian Sarcos (2011, Venezuela)

Winning Miss World title was like a dream come true for Ivian. Being an orphan, life was not easy for her. She loves to remain natural and not much is known about her makeup routine. This brown eyed beauty is a hardcore believer of workout and practices lightweight training to strengthen her muscles. Regarding the diet, she has no particular diet policy, but she sticks to a healthy diet menu comprising of fresh fruits and vegetables. To remove unwanted toxins from the body, she drinks plenty of water. Apart from all these, the climatic changes in Venezuela favors the beauties in that country and give them an impressive brown tan.

9. Anna Sidney (1964, United Kingdom)

This famous British actress, who was also the second Miss World pageant winner from the UK, is naturally beautiful. But according to her, the true secret of that gleaming beauty is nothing but having a beautiful state of mind. She doesn’t have any particular style or success mantra. She feels everyone is equally beautiful and the Miss World title win was just a small part of the journey but the vision is to believe in oneself and always to take good care of one’s health. Her message to her fans is adventure, passion and to always maintain a good state regardless of the circumstances.

10. Agbani Daregeo (2000, Nigeria)

Agbani Daregeo, who is from Nigeria, was the first African to win the Miss World title and since then she has been a sensation in the modelling industry. This Nigerian beauty is a mentor to fashion models and beauty queens and her impeccable fashion sense landed her up as a true diva. Her beauty mantra is very simple. She believes in God and wants to take care of the body God has gifted her. Her food mantra is to eat healthily and remain healthy.

She is a huge fitness freak and believes in working out daily to keep the body fit and fine. She is a big fan of yoga and well and practices it to maintain a well-balanced mind, which further boosts her confidence. She also does cardiovascular exercises to maintain her poise. She feels taking care of one’s body is a duty; otherwise, it becomes shameful if you ignore it.

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