Beauty Secrets of Aishwarya Rai

Who isn’t intrigued by this former beauty queen’s flawless face? Whatever she does becomes a headline! Her skin is forever glowing and after pregnancy, now she is in the best shape ever. Let’s find out how she manages to have a great skin, a healthy body with a successful career and a baby.

A Healthy Lifestyle
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It is almost mandatory for celebrities to always look good in front of the camera and that happens when you lead a healthy lifestyle. She manages to do that even after her very hectic schedule and her baby girl. According to many reports, she prefers yoga over other activities to stay fit.

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Healthy Food Habits

She eats healthy and stays away from junk food, processed foods and packaged foods. She relies mostly on fresh ingredients in her meals. She prefers home cooked meals and seasonal fruits and vegetables. She also does not smoke or drink.

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Proper Hydration

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She drinks ample amounts of water throughout the day. Water helps to flush out the toxins, keeps our weight under check and also gives a clearer skin.

Brown Rice

I have heard that these stars don’t eat rice as it is fattening. Aishwarya gorges on brown rice as they have high fiber content which helps to burn more fat and helps to make her feel full for longer intervals.

Starting The Day Right

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She starts her mornings with hot water mixed with honey and lemon. This mixture helps in detoxification, helps to up your metabolism and also aids in weight loss process.

Home Remedies

No matter where in the world she goes, she always come back to the age old remedies to improve her skin texture. She uses a mixture of besan, milk and haldi to gently exfoliate her face. She also uses yogurt on her face because of its high moisturizing properties.

The Right Lipstick

Beauty Secrets of Aishwarya Rai

Usually, she isn’t seen wearing dark or bright lipsticks. But, when she does use such shades, she looks like a goddess. Remember her recent Cannes appearance? On her normal days, she uses lighter shades on her lips as she already has perfect lips.

CTM Routine

No matter how tired she is, she never sleeps with her makeup on. She follows her CTM routine diligently, but instead of fancy products she finds respite in homemade products.

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  1. I loooove her, in fact I am obsessed with her. She is such a graceful woman who was born to be a diva. As an actress, I don’t admire her much, but she surely has made an impact with her beauty around the globe. Good post, water is THE most important thing for weight loss, great skin and hair.

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