Beauty Secrets of Arabian Women

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Do you also find Arabian women’s look exotic and full of mystery? They all look so mysterious and sexy. In today’s post I will help you unravel the mystery of their flawless skin and impeccable makeup.

Beauty Secrets of Arabian Women

Argan oil

Beauty Secrets of Arabian Women

Arab women use Argan oil quite extensively on their body. It has anti-aging properties. This particular oil repairs dry and damaged hair and rehydrates the skin leaving it soft and supple. This oil is also extremely beneficial for dry and damaged hair as it rehydrates the scalp and also makes them lustrous and long.


Beauty Secrets of Arabian Women

Halawa is a special hair removal method used by Arab women. This is a homemade organic wax which helps to get rid of dead skin cells effectively and leaves the hands and legs super smooth.

Covering up

Beauty Secrets of Arabian Women

Most of the Arabian women dress modestly, so their body parts are covered most of the time. They also keep their head covered with the traditional veil or scarf. This covering up protects the body and hair from excessive sun exposure, dust, grime and various other environmental factors. Keeping their body covered also ensures that there are not early signs of aging and tanning unlike the rest of the world.

Good quality makeup

Beauty Secrets of Arabian Women

Arabian women are very choosy and particular when it comes to selecting their cosmetics. They make sure that makeup that they are using is top class and organic. They also go for regular spa treatments to keep their body stress free and glowing. They use steam rooms to purify the skin and mud masks to cleanse facial pores.

Smokey eyes

Beauty Secrets of Arabian Women

This is like the staple thing for almost every Arabian woman. They have kohl laden eyes peeping through their naqab for their faces. They use kohl and eyeliners made from natural products which are completely harmless. Those extremely dark and smooth lines from homemade kohl makes their eyes stand out like anything.

Hammam Maghrabi

Beauty Secrets of Arabian Women

This is a special kind of traditional sauna bath that Arabian women do to ward off dead dying skin cells with the help to exquisite herbs and oils. This relaxes their body and lowers the anxiety and stress levels. This bath also ensures proper exfoliation of the skin to help remove all superficial skin toxins and make it soft and glowing.

Eating fresh produce

Beauty Secrets of Arabian Women

Arabian women rely on fresh produce all year long and not processed food as they contain many ingredients which lead to clogging of pores and weight gain. Instead of eating out they prefer to cook a scrumptious meal for the family using only the natural ingredients and making everything from scratch.

How you can incorporate these secrets in your life?
• Use Argan oil on your tresses to massage then rinse off with your normal shampoo. You can also warm the oil a little and then use it on your hair for added benefits.
• Try to stay away from junk food as much as possible and have fresh fruits and vegetables as snacks instead of munching on anything unhealthy.
• Cover your head and body with any scarf or a hat while going out in the sun to protect from harmful sun rays.
• Do not go for low quality makeup as it can ruin your skin in so many ways. Always go for quality over quantity.

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  1. I am living in saudi arabia and i feel they do lots of makeup with such a finest way inspite of being fully covered. They are extremely stylish women. their main purpose of life just to look beautiful. They wear beautiful revealing western dresses under their veil to please their husband and envy another woman ?

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