Beauty Secrets to Learn from Women with Flawless Skin

Hi ladies,

Here are the beauty secrets, tips and tricks from women with flawless skin. We can also take a cue from them to achieve a flawless skin.


They spot treat their faces:


They don’t just take one product and slather it on their faces as they know that every face of the area may require different care and products. Some areas of our face are thicker-skinned (like forehead) while other areas are more sensitive (like eye area). You can also apply de-pigmentation cream only on your spots carefully. So try to find problem areas of your skin and choose products accordingly.

They remove every speck of dirt and makeup from their face before sleeping:


Dirt and makeup can clog pores and cause aging of skin in the long run. One should always consider using differently formulated cleansers like, oil based cleanser to remove the makeup and the regular cleanser to thoroughly clean the face.

They do little workouts daily:


It may be just walking and jogging for 30 minutes in the park, but these ladies sure know how to get their heart rate pumping. Incorporating some form of exercise in your daily routine will increase the blood flow on the face and give you a glowing skin.

They drink more water:


They like to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day, no matter what the season is. You can also try incorporating fruits and veggies which have more water content or better yet try drinking coconut water a day without any fail!

They massage their faces:


You can use any good quality facial cream, moisturizer or even facial oil that suits your face and just massage it in. Use circular and upward motions for an uplifted and glowing skin.

They use retinol for anti-aging:


Retinol is a form of Vitamin A, which is a powerful anti-aging ingredient which can actually help reverse the signs of aging. There are so many products in the market which have retinol in them, so read the reviews and go for a product which will go well with your skin type.

They take their time to remove their eye makeup:


They know that the skin around the eyes is the thinnest and the most delicate skin on the face. So use light and downward motions to remove all traces of your shadow, liner, and mascara. Also use gentle formulas to remove your eye makeup.

The know the power of antioxidants:


Antioxidants, combat free-radical damage from cigarette smoke, pollution, UV rays and stress which can damage the elasticity and collagen level of the skin. So, one can go for an antioxidant serum and incorporate it in their routine.

They always sleep on a clean pillowcase:


If you have a problematic skin, then changing your pillowcase often or sleeping on a silk pillowcase, might help your skin as our skin has the tendency to pick up any traces of dirt and residue from the pillowcase. So, if all the right products are still not working out for your skin, then it might be time to change your pillowcase.

They never lay in tanning bed:


Tanning beds accelerate the aging of skin through the breakdown of collagen and are also proven to increase the risk of skin cancer, as they can also cause severe DNA damage to skin cells. So, no matter how tempting tanning beds may sound, stay away from them!

They don’t pick on their skin:

Picking on the skin or the infected area can drive bacteria further onto the skin, ass more dirt to it or it can also make it more inflamed. If something is bothering you on your skin then you can always calm your skin by using fresh aloe vera gel which soothes the area effectively.

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