5 Beauty Secrets To Steal From Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif is the most trending Bollywood actress right now, not just for her record-breaking “Tip Tip Barsa Paani” number from the movie “Suryavashi 2,” but also due to her impending marriage to actor Vicky Kaushal. Though this is largely a hush-hush wedding, it has been confirmed that the wedding would take place on December 9, 2021, at Six Senses Fort Barwara in Ranthambore, and slowly all details regarding the wedding are coming out. Now, do we even need to mention how gorgeous she looks onscreen and offscreen, and does not even need a speck of makeup because she indeed does have flawless skin. So, here are 5 Beauty Secrets To Steal From Katrina Kaif that can be easily followed.

Beauty Secrets To Steal From Katrina Kaif

1. She dunks her face in a bowl of ice every morning: The easiest and quickest way to instantly awaken your dull skin in the morning is to splash cold water on your face. You can also use an ice cube wrapped in a soft muslin or cotton cloth and gently rub it all over your face. Cold water or ice stimulates blood circulation and freshens up the skin. It also helps in tightening large facial pores and to refine the texture of skin. Katrina Kaif follows a kind of ice therapy called as “Jamsu” where she dunks her face in a bowl full of ice cold water to refresh her skin and get rid of puffy face. Here’s how you can do the “Jamsu” method all by yourself at home (5 Steps to Katrina Kaif’s Ice Facial at Home). She also washes her face with ice cold water.
2. She believes in hydrating her skin by drinking water throughout the day.

3. She is a fitness freak and credits exercise to get her glow from within. She says exercise and workout routine releases the hormones “endorphins,” which keeps her energetic and keeps her skin glowing (10 Awesome Tips to Get Glowing Skin Overnight).
4. She believes that healthy eating can give you beautiful skin. She does not believe in dieting, she believes in healthy eating.
5. A light pink blush is her secret to healthy-looking pink cheeks.

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