10 Beauty Secrets We All Must Steal from Glamorous Women

Hey beauties,

Today I am going to share 10 beauty hacks to look glamorous and noticeable in your group, class or gang, and to steal all the compliments.

1. Sleep on a silk pillowcase, since satiny fabrics reduce hair breakage and facial wrinkles. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase would cause friction because of the turns we take during sleeping. This friction can make hair dry and can make them split. The skin is also prone to wrinkles because of this friction.

2. Use teeth-whitening toothpaste. Having white teeth is an important aspect of the overall personality. Use the teeth whitening toothpaste to get that dazzling smile.

3. Always curl your lashes before and after applying the mascara. If you are not a false lashes girl and want to get the natural look, curl your lashes, then give them a nice mascara coat. This would add some extra length and volume to the lashes and would give a false lash effect for that glam look.

10 Beauty Secrets We All Must Steal from Glamorous Women4

4. Find your signature fragrance.

5. Always carry these things in your makeup emergency kit to get the look on the go : mirror, lipstick, face mist and blotting papers.

6. Wash your face before sleeping. This is very important in order to ensure that there is no clogging of pores because of the makeup as it can lead to acne and bad skin. No matter how much tired you are, you have to clean the makeup and wash the face.

7. Pamper your skin with a good face mask. use a face mask that is made for your skin type. Pampering your skin would help to get nice glowy skin as it would deeply cleanse the pores.

10 Beauty Secrets We All Must Steal from Glamorous Women3

8. Apply cuticle oil to your cuticles regularly at bedtime to make sure that you don’t have dry cuticles. Dry cuticles don’t look presentable and look like you don’t give time to your hands.

9. Always keep a check on your nail paint that you have applied on your nails. If it’s chipping, just reapply it or remove all the nail paint and go for a transparent nail paint coat. Chipped nail paint doesn’t look good and presentable.

10. Keep a check on the hair growth over your body. If you are wearing a sleeve less top, make sure that your arms and under arms are waxed or shaved. If you are wearing short dress, make sure your legs are waxed and are not looking dry.

10 Beauty Secrets We All Must Steal from Glamorous Women2

Bonus Tip:

10 Beauty Secrets We All Must Steal from Glamorous Women1

Make sure that your eyebrows are nicely groomed because eye brows make a very huge difference to your face. If you have any hair, pluck them and groom them.

Also, Shilpa Shetty who seems to be in a process of reverse ageing eats almonds everyday and ghee is staple in her routine.

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