8 Beauty Tips and Tricks Every Woman Needs to Know

By Shibri K.

Hi everyone!

This is my first post on IMBB and I would like to share some really easy peasy and useful beauty tips and tricks with you. All the tips and tricks are tried and tested and hopefully will work for most of you.

Beauty tips and tricks

Chapped Lips:

No matter how good your lip balm is, nothing works better than Desi ghee for cracked lips. Take a spoonful in a small bowl and keep on applying it on your lips with finger throughout the day. You will be amazed by the end results. It will not only heal your lips but also lighten them and make them pink & soft.

Under Eye Dark Circles:

There is hardly any difference between the formulation of face cream & under eye cream, so from my personal experience I feel that we don’t need a separate cream for under eyes. If you have dark circles, please give Almond oil a try. Apply it in circular motion around & over your eyes including eyebrows & eyelashes for two minutes and leave it overnight. You can see visible results within a week. Apart from taking care of your dark circles, Almond oil will also nourish your eyelashes & brows.

Dandruff, Dryness & Hair Fall:

The next tip will help you combat the multiple hair problems in one go. Massage your hairs generously with warm coconut oil at night and next morning wash your head with Nizoral Anti dandruff shampoo. You don’t need to apply conditioner after wash as coconut will do the job. This combination of coconut oil + Nizoral antidandruff shampoo works best as coconut oil control the dandruff, condition your hair & adds shine and shampoo helps you get rid of oil & dandruff without over rinsing.

Dry Skin:

If you have a very dry skin on your face, take few drops of castor oil and dab it on your face without massaging it. You will get rid of all dryness itchiness or flakes in the morning and your skin will become baby soft.

Tired Feet:

In a small tub of warm water add two spoons of Dettol, some shampoo and a tablespoon of salt. Soak your feet in this for 30 minutes. It will help your feet get rid of bacteria and also relaxes you.


Use ice cubes instead of Toners. That way, you will be putting less chemicals in your skin.


No matter how many anti tanning products you use or de-tan facials you undergo, nothing works better than haldi, besan ubtan for Tan. Make a mixture of besan, Haldi & curd, massage your face with this paste in circular motion for at least 15- 20 mins , after that let it dry it on your face for another 15 mins & then rinse with cold water. This method works better than any expensive facial at parlour.

My next & most important tip is that if you have any skin problem be it acne, scars, freckles or pigmentations, Please visit dermatologist. Don’t play hit & trial method with home remedies. Home remedies should never be used to treat a problem. Home remedies should only be used for enhancement of beauty like to add glow to your face once your skin free from all ailments, but never ever rely on them for treating your problem as it would only worsen the situation. It is a very hard learnt lesson which I want to share with you guys.

The key is to keep things simple. Don’t use too many products rather sticks to what works best for you. I have seen great results with above methods & hope that they would be equally useful for you ladies as well. 🙂

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13 thoughts on “8 Beauty Tips and Tricks Every Woman Needs to Know

  1. Great tips Shibri! Adding my two cents to the conversation: For chapped lips shea butter is also a good alternative. Anything hair, nails, skin : Almond oil is a godsend. It’s like a dandruff-splitends-hairfall-be-gone all in one. I found this in the most unexpected way possible. I went vegan since a year now and substituted diary milk with almond milk. In a week I noticed my skin was tighter, hair felt thicker and surprisingly lesser PMS symptoms. The biggest turnaround in my overall health is my hair. Not too sound too narcissistic but I absolutely love it now. If you think almomd milk it pricey just eat 8-10 almonds a day.
    For Dry skin: Argan oil works wonders, this is best thing you can apply topically to your skin. It not only heals it but reduces pores and tightens skin like a boss! You really have to see it in action to believe it.

    PS: The biggest attention-grabber for guys is not make-up but hair. Ladies, hair is truly the biggest asset you can have next to your brains 😉

  2. @supriya:There is no effective home remedy for freckles.
    The main cause of freckles is sun exposure. Make it a point to stay safe from sun.Apart from that i would suggest you to use face wash with salicylic acid & glycolic acid like AHA Glow S along with Rejuglow gel as it will help to peel away the top layer of skin.Use this combo for 6-8 weeks.If the problem is major, then you should visit a dermologist.

  3. @Supriya – for freckles I consulted a dermatologist and he suggested me to use ‘aha glow’ face wash. One should also never step out without spf. I use Sunban for sun protection. In some cases freckles are genetic, and it is difficult to get rid of them. But with better skin care routine we can definitely get healthy skin.

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