Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know

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Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know

We all read many beauty tips daily but hardly use them because they are time-consuming. I have been reading beauty tips for years and keep trying them so I though why not share beauty secrets with my readers?? I am listing some beauty tips that you should know and mind you… they all worked for me so the following tips are tried and tested. I hope this helps in beautifying your beauty more!


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• If you’re in hurry but still want to get instant sexy waves by braiding few sections of your hairs and then using flat iron over them. With the help of heat the shape of your hairs changes and you can get waves for entire day. Once you’re done ironing each section, unravel them and you’re ready to turn heads. 😉
• Always apply mascara on the highest, curved point near the root of your lower lashes, this way mascara won’t travel down your face and will also give you an eye-opening benefit. This tip is really useful and helped me a lot, do try.
• For clean hair look dab your makeup brush in baby powder and sweep it on your roots and if you have darker hairs use bronzer. 😉
• If you dont have a serum handy, Don’t worry, take some water in palm and run it across your hairs. Water helps in making products react again. 😉 yes! Really!
• To make your perfume last longer moisturize your skin before spiritzing as perfume evaporates from dry skin more quickly. It works like glue, don’t believe? Check yourself.


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• Don’t waste the body lotion which is left in your hand while applying it. Instead use it on your hairs on a “bad hair day”, it works as a hair fix.
• Tired of working all day in front of laptop? Relax your eyes by washing them with cold water and salt in it. I always use this tip and it instantly relaxes me.
• If you’re suffering from puffiness around your eyes, then keep a spoon in refrigerator for 7-8 minutes and then keep it on your eyes. It not only relax your eyes but it also helps in reducing puffiness and swelling.
• Use olive oil to remove your makeup, it works great for all skin types, yes even oily skin beauties will love it. You can also use milk powder and water to remove your makeup whenever your remover is finished. 😉 Read how here
• Curl your lashes by warming up a spoon (read warm not hot), this will save your money but make sure the spoon is not too warm. 😉 Read how here

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• Make your own DIY dry shampoo by sprinkling some baby powder on roots and then brush hair so that no white residue is visible. Your hair will smell good and look fresh. 😉

• Want to know which blush color is made for you?? Pinch your cheeks until you see some color….and yes! That is your natural cheek tint.

And the best beauty tip…….. KEEP SMILING, yes keep smiling and be happy from inside and it will reflect outside!

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