Beauty Tips to Follow in Your 30s

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Today’s post is dedicated to all the women who are about to turn 30 or are somewhere in their 30s. This post will inform you about all the beauty tips that you need to follow in the third decade of your life to retain that youthful and healthy glow from your 20s! So, before it gets too late, let’s get started with the post and tips both.

Beauty Tips to Follow in Your 30s

Most Common Concerns of Women in Their 30s

• More prominent lines and wrinkles.
• Thinning of hair, owing to extended sun exposure over the years.
• Random appearance of grey strands.
• Dull skin due to the lack of production of natural skin oils.
• Age spots and relatively saggy skin.

Your 30s are the time when you should establish an anti-ageing regimen and stick with what suits your skin the best. So, let’s begin by telling you about what your skin care regimen should be like!

Start Loving Your Skin More Than Ever!

Day Care

Beauty Tips to Follow in Your 30s

• Chances are you already have a CTM routine that you have been following for a long time. Continue with your routine, just add few more steps!

• If you do not have a CTM routine, start by cleansing your skin every morning and at night.
Remove every trace of makeup, dust and grime by cleansing twice a day. Use a cleanser that has hydroxy acids as it increases cell renewal and keeps your skin from looking dull and lifeless.

• Start using a toner with a non alcoholic base. Toner will help to balance the pH level in your skin.

• Use a moisturizer that has antioxidants like green tea, pomegranate or Vitamin C as they will protect your skin from those damaging free radicals.

• Do not forget to use a broad spectrum sun protection cream that has SPF 30 or more. We all know the importance of sunscreens. Don’t we?

Night Care

Beauty Tips to Follow in Your 30s

• Follow the CTM routine and remove your makeup religiously before going to bed.

• Instead of exfoliating in the morning, do it at night. As at night, our skin is in renewal mode and removing dead skin cells prior to sleeping will fast forward the skin healing process.

• Incorporate an anti-ageing night cream in your skin care regimen. Retinol night creams are your best bet for preventing wrinkles.

• To keep those puffy and tired looking eyes and those wrinkles at bay, start using an eye cream. Look for an eye cream containing anti ageing or wrinkle-repairing ingredients.

Become Your Hair’s Best Friend!

Beauty Tips to Follow in Your 30s

• Try to use only natural and herbal products on your tresses. Many women in their 30s are married, even with kids or have a very busy career. All of this takes a toll on your hair strands.

• Go easy on styling gels, sprays and lotions and look for organic alternatives.

• You might have had coloring or rebonding done on your hair by the time you reach your 30s, not once but even multiple times! A lot of women complain about reduced hair volume and increased dryness at this age too. Try using a gentle shampoo for your hair and when shampooing, gently massage your scalp for five minutes to encourage better blood circulation to the scalp area.

• Have you received your first quota of those dreaded grey hair yet? If yes, then increase the intake of Vitamin B in your diet. Your hair will thank you for that!

• Go for deep conditioning treatments once a week, and also for protein treatments for your hair for those happy and luscious locks.

But, Don’t Forget These Important Points!

Beauty Tips to Follow in Your 30s

• Do not forget to take care of your hands and feet too. Keep pampering them with manicures and pedicures every now and then.

• As your skin has started to become drier, go for hydrating facials at least once a month.

• Make a routine to make a homemade face mask or a pack and use it once a week. Natural ingredients are always great to use and have no side effects.

• You may have not been drinking enough water, but 30s is the time when your body demands a lot more water.

• Invest in a good body lotion to keep skin dryness at bay.

• Do at least 30 minutes of brisk walking a day and have a balanced diet. Nothing beats that!

So, this was a little post about how to take care of your beauty in your 30s. Most of you might be aware of all these pointers already, but it’s about time you start religiously following these. 30s are the time when you have your life all figured out, unlike those confusing 20s. So, sit back and relax and just take good care of yourself!

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