12 Beauty Tools That Are Perfect for Busy and Lazy Girls



Helena Rubeinstein had famously declared once upon a time, “there are no ugly women, only lazy ones.” This post is dedicated to all lazy girls who desire to look good and beautiful, but are reluctant to put the time and effort needed to achieve their beauty goals. If you want to look gorgeous, you have to pamper your skin and hair thoroughly. Getting that magical glow isn’t easy but we can make your job much easier with some-life changing beauty tools if you belong to the “lazy girl” category. These beauty tools have carved a niche for themselves as they are amazing multitaskers when you want to reap maximum benefits by putting bare minimal efforts. These will ensure that you can get party ready easily without the need to spend a lot of time and effort in salons and parlours. Read on to know 12 beauty tools that are perfect for busy and lazy girls.

Beauty Tools That Are Perfect for Busy and Lazy Girls

1. Sheet Masks: Sheet masks are the modern age skincare solutions to a lot of skin woes. Sheet masks have been made popular by Korean brands and they have taken the beauty world by storm. Taking inspiration from Korean beauties and their clear glass skin, sheet masks have created a huge buzz in the beauty world as they are able to offer speedy solutions to any lazy girl’s skin woes. They are available in many variants –  cucumber, aloe vera, kiwi, rose, green tea, potato, to name just a few. There are other variants like self-heating thermal mud face masks, peel off masks, bamboo fabric masks infused with mineral rich botanical clay, and what not. The main reason why they are an amazing beauty tool for girls who are lazy to take care of their skin is their time-saving ability and ease of usage at anytime of the day by sitting at the comfort of your home. There is no post-rinsing ritual involved and one can get an instant dose of freshness and nourishment with these amazing natural-ingredient infused solutions.

2. Under-eye pads: Do you have a party to attend but then struggling with under-eyes dark circles and heavy bags underneath your eyes? Lazy girls, we have an easy way out to address your tired-looking eyes. Under-eye pads help to fight off dullness and darkness easily. They work better if you refrigerate them before use. You just have to leave them for some time on your eyes. After that, your eyes will feel refreshed and the skin around them will feel hydrated, bright, and supple. Such pads also help to keep wrinkles and under-eye dark circles at bay. Doesn’t take much time, right?

3. Hair Straightening Brush Comb: Now, we will talk about another time-saving beauty tool for lazy girls with curly hair. For those of you who feel it’s a painful process to smooth out tangles to get smooth hair, investing in a hair straightening brush comb will work like magic wand which would detangle and straighten hair at the same time, giving you poker, straight, silky, long hair. All you have to do is to comb through your hair to straighten the curls. Poker, straight long and silky hair is ready in minutes! Get your hands on the Dafni and Babyliss have some really good hair straightening brushes.

4. Eyelash Curler: Don’t have time to do makeup daily, yet want to have a gorgeous look instantly? Can you guess what tool can give you that look in a jiffy? An eyelash curler. This is a such a handy device that instantly opens up your eyes and gives you an “fresh and awake” appearance. With or without mascara or eyeliner, an eyelash curler can lift your lashes and open up your eyes, doing more than what just a mascara can do. Sometimes, you can even heat your curler to get a better lengthening and curling effect. One such amazing eyelash curler is the Chella Heated Eyelash curler. Its superior warm barrel technology gives your lashes an amazing lift and you are sure to fall in love with it forever!

5. Konjac Beauty Sponge: A detoxifying beauty sponge can be become your new BFF in skincare routine if you run out of time to pamper your skin properly. Many women neglect the daily CTM routine which results in improper functioning of the skin. With this beauty sponge, you can amp up your skincare game to a new dimension. The Konjac sponge which is raved by beauty enthusiasts is a 100% natural vegetable fiber sponge that helps in making your skin cleaner than a normal face wash. It exfoliates away the dead cells while lifting pesky blackheads, dirt, makeup and oil from deep inside your pores. You can use this sponge by itself or with a cleanser. Once you use this fuss-free, affordable tool, you will surely get addicted to its benefits.


6. Facial/Jade Rollers: Facial rollers are very popular beauty tools in Chinese skincare routine. For women who mostly remain busy at work and get very little time to pamper their skin, this is a very effective tool to improve blood circulation and add glow to the skin. We do understand that you may not afford time for facial massages at salons, but these amazing facial rollers work conveniently in achieving clear and bright skin sans any puffiness. The stones that come attached with facial rollers glide across the skin smoothly and can drain excess fluids from the face, help skincare products better absorb into the skin, and even combat wrinkles. A facial roller also improves skin elasticity, improves blood circulation and eliminates toxins from the face. If you want to feel the difference, Derma rollers are worth giving a shot!

7. Foot Smoother: Most of us battle with rough dead cells and callouses that show up as a result of neglecting foot care. Don’t have time at hand to go for pedicures? In such case, foot smoothers can clear all your foot woes. These foot smoothers help you get rid of calloused feet in no time. They are battery operated, so there’s not much strain involved to achieve beautiful feet. Dr. Scholl Velvet Smooth Foot Smoother is a good option.

8. Facial Wax: If pain of threading bothers you and keeps you away from removing facial hair, then katori wax and facial wax beads can be termed as ultimate saviours for you. With threading, there comes the frequent cost of maintenance after every 15-20 days. You can remove facial hair in the comfort of your home by heating wax beads in the direction of hair growth and once it dries, pulling it away from the direction fo hair growth. Since this method of waxing does not involve wax strips or any mess, it’s a comparatively easy way to get rid of facial hair.

9. Beauty Blender: Blending is the key to achieve flawless makeup application. While some find it difficult to blend makeup products with fingers properly, for other using makeup brushes in the right way needs expertise and time. For a lazy girl, time is a big issue but when makeup perfection is of utmost importance, nothing other than a Beauty Blender works the best. This tear-drop shaped soft sponge is a hot name in the makeup domain and any beauty enthusiast swears by it. Undoubtedly, this is one of those makeup staples which no girl can live without. Master your blending action with this beauty tool.

Beauty blender tool

10. Dry Shampoo: If you find frequent hair washing sessions too time consuming, it’s time to grab a bottle of dry shampoo which would keep your scalp clean and grease free in between shampoo sessions. This may not be a tool in the truest sense of the term, but is surely an easy way to keep your hair clean and grease-free. All you have to do it spray the dry shampoo on the oily strands, massage it for a while and get instantly cleansed and fresh-smelling hair. It is extremely convenient to use and takes less than 5 minutes to set your hair bouncy and clean.

While there are many more beauty tools that can ease our lives and provide quick beauty hacks, we have listed out the most important tools. We hope these products help you get rid of some of your skin and hair care woes even when you run out of time and get you party ready whenever you need to be.

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