Beauty Treatments That Could Freak You Out!

Hello ladies!

I am a great fan of horror movies and have seen all the parts of  the SAW Series, Hostel, Wrong Turn etc. They don’t scare me anymore. But, when women go to insane heights just to look beautiful, THAT freaks me out! While reading about such treatments, I thought of compiling a post to let everyone know that to what lengths and heights can beauty obsessed women go!

Beauty Treatments That Could Freak You Out!

Vampire Facial
This one came in news when the very famous Kim Kardashian performed it on her television show. This facial is meant to be organic and the patient’s own platelet rich plasma is used to fill in tiny holes punctured into the face. It is supposed to be very painful, but as they say, the pains are all worth it. It gives amazing results. I wanted to share Kim’s picture here, but it is way too gross.

Snake Massage
This treatment is definitely not for the weak hearts. The adrenalin rush you experience due to the fear of snakes being placed on you, works wonders to boost your metabolism. The snakes have their mouths tightly taped and shut and are fed well before the long scaley masseurs start their work.

Beauty Treatments That Could Freak You Out!

Geisha Facial
This facial is predominantly made from the bird poo. Eeeewwww, I know! It’s made from Nightingale’s dropping that is treated with ultraviolet light before turning it into a powder. This traditional Japanese treatment is meant to soften, brighten and nourish the facial skin.

Beauty Treatments That Could Freak You Out!

Placenta Hair Mask
This treatment is becoming popular day by day and a lot of these products are found on the shelf in the US. The placenta is generally from a sheep or cow. Such hair masks make hair super silky, smooth and shiny.

Snail Facial
This too is a traditional Japanese therapy wherein snails are placed on your face and are allowed to crawl. These snail’s leave a trail of mucus slime that contains proteins and antioxidants.

Beauty Treatments That Could Freak You Out!

Slapping Treatment
Weird as it sounds, this treatment includes rigorous face slapping, pinching and smoothing that give effects to the skin as close and similar to those from chemical skin firming.

Fire Facial
Japanese seriously are gutsy people. In this treatment towels soaked in alcohol and some beauty elixir are draped over some body parts and then set on fire. I mean how can one set their face and body parts on fire.

Beauty Treatments That Could Freak You Out!

Urine Treatment
I have heard about it, but who would want to go to such lengths. People use urine to improve skin texture, in getting rid of psoriasis, eczema and even acne. The best urine is apparently taken midstream first thing in the morning, since it proives beneficial hormones that were built up overnight. Yuk is all I can say!

All in all, I would rather be happy the way I look than trying all this stuff. I already have goosebumps.

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    1. I know Jomol…It is like those pictures we take with tiger cubs in Thailand who are busy drinking milk and not concerned who is holding them or what is happening 🙂

  1. Hate the snake massage!! It’s so cruel!! Even if the snakes are fed well…taping the mouth is absolutely outrageous!

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