5 Beauty Treatments That You Should Not Try at Home

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If you would have seen any of my previous posts, then you would have already known by know that I am addicted to D.I.Y. beauty products. They are not only easy to do, but also cheap, efficient and eco-friendly. However, like every coin has two sides, similarly there are some beauty treatments/ D.I.Y that should never be tried at home!

Beauty Treatments Not To Try at Home

Mascara out of Oreo:
What even on earth is this? Yes! This was my exact reaction when a saw a video on YouTube with this title. After seeing the video, I could not believe how could anyone come up with such a stupid and misleading idea. The fact that Oreo cookies are dark brown in colour does not make them eligible to be made into a mascara! It is a product that contains sugar and using it on your eyes can lead to severe eye infections. Please steer away from any such DIY. Trying them out can be a huge mistake!

how to make diy

Baking Soda as an Exfoliant:
Take a throwback to your chemistry class in school and recall the subject of pH. Your face has a pH of about 4.5-5 which is slightly acidic, but important it helps to keep the lipid layer intact. Whereas baking soda has a pH of about 9. Using baking soda as an exfoliator is a huge no as by doing so you are disturbing your face’s pH balance, which can lead to destroying your skin’s barrier. Other than that, you can use baking soda as a deodorant or mild exfoliator for your knees or underarms.

Another famous use of baking soda is for whitening teeth. Though, this is an effective method, but I heard from a dentist that this can cause damage to the enamel. It can make your teeth prone to new stains, discolouration and also make it easier for plaque to grow and decay. Hence, if you use this method to whiten your teeth, I would  suggest you to practise this only 1-2 times in a month. Using the peel of banana or strawberries for whitening teeth is a totally harmless and an effective alternative.

Sugar as An Exfoliator on The Face:
Scrubs that are made at home mainly comprise of granulated sugar and oil. Though, this is great for your body, but it is not good for your face. Sugar is a crystalline and the sharp edges can harm your face. Always remember, all that can be used on the body is not always eligible to be used on the face. The skin of ur face is comparatively softer and thinner than the rest of your body.

Another recipe that I have been seeing on the internet forever is that of using a half cut lemon and sprinkling sugar over it and using it on your face to exfoliate. This is a crime against your gentle soft skin! To be honest, even I am accused of trying this out a couple of times. However, with time I gained knowledge and realised what a terrible mistake I had been making all this while. The sugar particles can damage the outer layer of the facial skin and the lemon juice, which is acidic in nature can dry it out. I would also recommend to always mix lemon juice with some other ingredients to dilute it before using it on your face, as it has a very low pH as compared to our skin.

Eyeliner out of Pencil Colours:
Another of the many amazing and unbelievable inventions which beauty gurus have been raving about on YouTube, is of using non toxic color pencils as eyeliners. Just because a colour pencil is non toxic, does not mean that it can be used on your eyes or lips! Eyes are very sensitive and important part of your body. You can not just be sticking around random things over it as an alternative to makeup! While makeup ingredients are highly regulated and contain preservatives that prevent bacteria from growing in the makeup. Art supplies are not held to the same standards and do not even have to list ingredients on the label. Spend a few bucks to get a good eyeliner instead of experimenting with such dangerous alternatives.

There are a tons of such other DIY that claim to be wonderful but turn out to be a huge mistake! I would always advise you to carefully think about the things you are using on your body. Though DIY is great but researching a little about the things you are using on your face can be really helpful. Do you know about any such crazy DIY going around? Let us know about them by leaving a comment below.

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21 thoughts on “5 Beauty Treatments That You Should Not Try at Home

  1. absolllutely brilliant article vanya. we always talk about DIY tips but not all diys are worth trying at home. Crayons and makeup..seriously. that’s hilarious. 😛

    1. Thank you so much Rati ma’am 🙂 I know sometimes I see things on the internet that totally shock me, crayons and pencil colours are for art not makeup! People need to understand that !:P

  2. Thanks a lot that you pointed these out. Even I exfoliate with baking soda!! But now i won’t. Can you please suggest what can I use as my face exfoliater other than baking soda?

    1. Hey Pritha! There are a lot of other natural ingredients you can use for exfoliating your face. I would suggest besan as the best one. It’s not harsh on the skin but does its job well. But it’s definitely a bit drying, so consider mixing some honey/curd along with it if you have dry skin. Hope you find this helpful!x

  3. I have seen many DIY about making tinted lip gloss/balm at home with vaseline, coconut oil and non-toxic crayons. Any idea about them?

    1. Hey priyanka! Thanks for asking this question- I totally forgot to add this in the article 😛
      I have seen a lot of people come up with this recipe for lip balms. I would totally not suggest anyone to use crayons for adding colour to their lip balms. Even if the crayon is non- toxic it’s ingredients still remain unknown to us, and it’s not tested in a way that makes it safe for us to use on our lips. I am pretty sure using crayons on lips everyday for a long period of time can leave behind bad results. Adding to all of this, the company crayola (whose crayons are non toxic and mostly used in videos) generated a statement confirming that though its products are non toxic, they should not be used to make any cosmetics.
      Hope this helps!x

  4. Oh god! This was an eye opener! We should never try things without thinking just because it is online. Mascara out of Oreo sounds crazy and I make sure I never use baking ‘soda’ on my body.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I know! Sometimes I feel like how do people post such crazy things online? Things like ‘mascara out of oreo’ can seriously cause people to have eye infections…

  5. Even I saw few things, I tried and turned out to be huge no-no.
    Listing top not-to-do thing:

    Never apply top coat of nail paint when second coat is still wet. I saw this tip on pinterest claiming that if you apply top coat while second coat is still wet then it will ADHERE to second coat well.

    I idiotically followed that. It ruined my perfect manicure which took me half and hour to do. What was wrong? – When I applied top coat on wet second coat, it created nasty, tiny air bubbles. Not to mention that it took hours to dry all my nails. I had to re-do within a day.

    So always wait between coats to let them dry completely.

    Thank me later 😉

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