10 Beauty Tricks to Look as Flawless as Models!

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Let me begin this post by saying that when we refer to those ridiculously gorgeous, long-legged and flawless lasses who storm the runways across the world, we should remind ourselves that they are indeed humans, like the rest of us!

It is great to aspire to look like them and hence place them on high pedestals and admire them, but you cannot deny the fact that they have a team of highly professional experts behind their seemingly unattainable impeccability. Some models might be blessed with perfect skin or have lustrous locks which we can’t stop drooling over, but they do come with their fair share of imperfections, like all of us mortals. Yes, they do have their frizzy and bad hair days, parched skin issues, dark circles or under eye bags, freckles, spots and a hoard of other concerns which we probably consider the end of the world when it comes to ourselves. In fact, believe it or not, most of them have worse skin and hair than ours (I’m not saying your hair and skin is bad, but you get the drift right)! The credit for this could go to the back to back shows and shoots, endless hours of makeup and barely much time to catch up on their beauty sleep. In the process of looking fabulous, they end up battering their skin and hair.

Having said that, as it is their bread and butter to be in the limelight and possibly always look like a million bucks, the beauty experts to whom most of them owe their flawless looks, know a trick or two to keep them admirable and enviable to the rest of the world. So no, they all didn’t win the genetic lottery girls, but yes they do invest the time and effort to look super good!

Don’t underestimate yourself, in fact, appreciate and treasure what you already have. What we can do is find ways to enrich what we have and accentuate our natural beauty. There are innumerable ways to look model-icious as each model as well as beauty professional will swear by their tips. So on that note, let’s find out 10 beauty tricks, that I personally like, so you too can look nothing less than a model!

Beauty Trick No. 1 : A Perfect Glowing Complexion

Ever wondered how models always have that dewy complexion? Well, it’s not hard to achieve with the right techniques. After you’ve dabbed foundation onto your face, take a damp sponge and blend it in for a flawless complexion. The foundation should look like skin and not cakey so blending aptly is the key here!

Next, grab a brightening concealer such as YSL Touche Eclat Concealer Pen or any of its dupes and apply to conceal under the eye in a V shape as well as under the brow or on the bridge of your nose. Due to its reflecting properties, it will not only conceal, but also highlight the area. Thus, making your skin brighter. After this, apply some bronzer, which models swear by, across the face and neck for that overall healthy glow. Highlighting the face definitely makes a huge difference.

Beauty Trick No. 2: Hydrate And Stimulate

I’ve not come across a single model or beauty expert who doesn’t emphasize hydrating and I’m not just talking about drinking gallons of water or healthy fluids here. In order to get that gorgeous skin that models don, moisturizing is one of their biggest tips to great skin and you can never get enough of it.

These days, slapping on lotions isn’t enough. So, invest in a good serum that is packed with nutrients to waken up and nourish the skin. Mix your serum, if need be, with an additional moisturizer, or with your favourite SPF or Vitamin E oil. A lot of models insist on mixing their foundation with a serum for that extra radiance. Instead of rubbing in your moisturizer lightly, massage it in so that you stimulate your blood circulation and revitalize your skin. And, all this is going to make your skin look more vivacious.


Beauty Trick No. 3: Open And Seal Pores

To ensure your get to the root of your blocked pores, try steaming your face (either with hot water or whilst in the shower). While your pores get opened due to the heat, massage your face with a scrub to unclog those pores that get filled with grime and even makeup. Once you’ve done this, take some really cold water or even better, some ice and rub it over your face to seal the opened pores back. This not only makes pores less susceptible to blockage, but also reduces any redness from the scrubbing and firms up your skin. Now you know why the skin of these models are so enviably toned and tight!

Beauty Trick No. 4: Lustrous Locks With Less Frequent Washing

We all know that daily washing of the hair is a complete no no as it strips off the natural moisture of your hair. So, how do models keep their locks looking lustrous and healthy every day? Invest in a dry shampoo that will keep oily scalp at bay or if you want to avoid chemicals, try dusting some talcum powder onto the roots and your greasy roots will vanish in no time. To keep the hair lengths looking fresh, use some texturizing spray that will give volume and bounce to unwashed hair. These steps will get you through days without washing. When you do wash your hair after a couple of days, you can add some Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to rinse out the product build up and this will leave you with squeaky clean hair to last another good few days.

Beauty Tricks to Look as Flawless as Models!

Beauty Trick No. 5: Condition That Hair The Non-Greasy Way

Now if you thought your usual post-shampoo conditioners actually help condition your hair, then think again! We leave our conditioners on for about a minute or two and then rinse it out. So, it doesn’t actually do wonders for your hair. A lot of models vouch for leave-in conditioners as they stay in your hair, especially on days when your hair feels extra dry and you’re out most of the day. Not all of us can afford oiling our hair daily as going out with a head full of oil isn’t the most pleasant thing to do. So, grab some leave-in conditioner of your choice and rub it on to the ends or lengths depending on where you feel the dryness is at its peak. A sought after conditioning product for models is Moroccan Oil and you can rub a small amount into your ends and be out and about without looking like a grease ball.

Beauty Trick No. 6: Flush Of Healthy Colour

Have no time, but need to rush out for that crucial meeting or brunch with the girls? Fear not! In case you’re scarce of time and can’t go through the foundation and whole makeup routine, but your face looks worn out and fatigued, grab some of your lip gloss or lip stain that you would normally have in your bag and apply to your cheeks for that instant dash of colour. Your face will immediately look brighter and healthier. Many beauty experts use lip stains on models as opposed to blush for that natural flush. You can even pop some on your eye lids too.


Beauty Trick No. 7: That Chiselled Face

Seldom do we have everything, and at times we do seek to have that sculptured face that looks killer on models. Not all slim women are born with model-worthy cheekbones, by the way. So, contouring is a model’s best friend when it comes to emphasizing the bone structure. Take a contouring powder or pencil and draw a line from the ear to the nose, but not all the way to the nose and then with a damp sponge or beauty blender, blend it in.

After this, take some iridescent highlighter and apply just over the contoured area to give the illusion of high cheeks. This will make your cheekbones pop without a doubt. If you want to achieve a sharper nose, draw contour lines on the two sides of your nose bridge from the corner of your eyes to the tip of your nose and then just under your nostril and blend in the sharp lines. This will add definition to your nose. Do the same for your jawline as well.

Beauty Trick No. 8: That Glistening Toned Body, Though!

If you’re not fit, then looking toned seems like a far cry. Other than exercising right and losing excess body fat, why not mix your favourite body lotion with some highlighter and apply on your exposed parts such as arms, neck and legs. The glimmer in the highlighter will add the right amount of shimmer and reflect with light giving the impression of a more toned and glowing body.

Victoria’s Secret models are always seen with the most perfect glistening skin and trust me, it’s not at all hereditary. I bought a Victoria’s Secret Rockin Body Perfecting Cream which already has luminous diamond powder in it that acts as a diffuser for the illusion of a flawless finish to the skin. If you can’t get your hands on one, do the above and it works just as well. Apply to your arms, décolleté or anywhere you want to blur out any imperfections. Add some to your collar bone too if you like.

Beauty Trick No. 9: Puffy Sleepy Eyes

No matter what we do, when we have puffy swollen eyes that invite questions like “Are you feeling tired?” or “Are you ill?”, it can get quite irritating to pull off the rest of the face. For instant de-swelling of the eye bags, cold compress your eyes with ice or refrigerated tea bags that have been soaked in hot water for a couple of minutes before popping them in the fridge and then placing over your eyes. You can also get anti-puff eye rollers in the market that work wonders in reducing bags.

Next, take your concealer and apply to instantly brighten up the eye area and hide bags. If your under eyes are red or discoloured, you should apply a corrector first, followed by the concealer. Whether you apply full on eye makeup or not, a dash of mascara on curled lashes will open up the eyes. Thus, giving you flawless model-like wide awake stunning eyes. You can also apply a hint of shimmery gold or silver shadow on the inner V of your eyes that will make you look like you’ve had a good eight hour rejuvenating sleep.

Beauty Trick No. 10: Lips That Make You Go Hmmm!


Regardless of the lip shape, models’ lips always stand out whether they are wearing a nude or a bright hued lip colour. For those immaculate lips, apply some non-shimmery highlighter around the line of your lips and blend in. This will give your lips definition and provide an invisible outline to your lipstick, thus highlighting the lips.

To make lips look a bit more voluptuous, draw a thin line of shimmer on your cupids bow (the V above the upper lip) and then dab some shimmer on the middle on the lower lip on top of your lipstick. The shimmer will reflect light and make them appear fuller and more striking.

These were some of my most raved about beauty tricks that aim at giving you that flawless model-like appearance. As I said, there is no dearth of ways to look runway-stunning and if they can, so can we! Hope you liked this post and found the tips useful.

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  2. I bought the Victoria s Secret one from a VS store in NYC…but I’m guessing Sephora may have some other brands! Or one can mix some powdery shimmer to their favourite body lotion.

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