Beauty UK No.2 Soho Eye Shadow Palette Review

By Konica M

Hey girls!

Your eyes are the best way to express yourself and your eye shadow plays an important role in your daily eye makeup. Hence, you always would have been looking for an eye shadow palette that is affordable and has a good quality. But, now your search has to an end because Beauty UK No.2 Soho Eye Shadow Palette will fulfill all your needs. Let us have a look at its review.

Beauty UK No.2 Soho Eye Shadow Palette

513 INR



10 shades

Beauty UK No.2 Soho Eye Shadow Palette 2

My Experience with Beauty UK No.2 Soho Eye Shadow Palette:

This eye shadow palette is an awesome product for any eye makeup addict, like me. It has all the perfect bright shades that everyone want in their eye shadow palette. It comes in a small cute case, which is packed with a transparent lid. The packaging of the product is just okay. It also has a little applicator and a small mirror. The shades are placed in small circular base. It just looks like a small color palette that we used in our school. It is a travel friendly product.

Beauty UK No.2 Soho Eye Shadow Palette

This eye shadow palette contains ten glittering shades with a matte look. These ten shades will go perfectly with any type of colorful attire. If you use this eye shadow with a good eyeliner and a mascara, then your eyes will become the center of attraction. The ten shades are pink, orange, light green, sea green, navy blue, dark blue, light blue, bright yellow, lilac and mauve. These shades look very bright and colorful but unfortunately some shades of this palette like yellow and light blue are not as bright as they look. Still, the shades give your eyes a classy and elegant look.

Beauty UK No.2 Soho Eye Shadow Palette 4

The colors blend smoothly and are easy to remove also. It is possible that you might need some black or brown shades to make the color more bright, which is not available in this palette. But, that is not very disappointing because I am pretty happy with its smooth texture.

The finished look is great and fabulous. The top five colors are my favorite. They work best on your eyes and you will be satisfied with your makeup. These colors would look their best on using a primmer beneath. They are perfect to use as they do not scatter much on your palette or your eyes.

Beauty UK No.2 Soho Eye Shadow Palette 3

The palette does not have a very good applicator, so I would advise you to use the colors with your finger or with a cotton sponge. It is very easy to use these colors. You can even mix two colors on your eyes, as they mix very well. The mixing of two shades give a different look to your eyes.

The staying power of the shades is very nice, but few colors have a lesser staying power. They have a perfect staying power for short parties, events and college functions. These colors are smudge proof, so it will stay for a long time.

It would look best on teenage girls like me and is a very good product for beginners in eye makeup. The experienced ones might find the results to be just okay.

Beauty UK No.2 Soho Eye Shadow Palette 5

Pros of Beauty UK No.2 Soho Eye Shadow Palette:

  • Bright and funky shades.
  • Baby smooth texture.
  • Good staying power.
  • Perfect finished look.

Cons of Beauty UK No.2 Soho Eye Shadow Palette:

  • Little cheap.
  • Applicator is not very good.
  • Some colors are not bright.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/ Recommend Beauty UK No.2 Soho Eye Shadow Palette?
I would not purchase it again because I would like to try other palettes. Also, I would get a little bored with the colors, if I repurchased. Yes, I recommend this product to all teenage girls and also those who are new in eye makeup.

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