Beauty Is Just About Three Things

Beauty Is Just About Three Things

By Surabhi Surendra

“Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.”

Beauty Is Just About Three Things

Someone said it so true. The term beauty has different meanings and definitions for different people. It simply depends on how you want to look at it. To a child, his mom is always beautiful even though others may find her old, fat or lazy!

Beautiful Mind

Though people have different views and parameters to judge a person’s beauty, there are a few things or three things to be precise, that no one can deny or dare to ignore. Ask anyone and they would say, “yes, this is what I call true beauty, ” and this is it that explains why even though we have many women around who possess “golden ratio” (I will write another post on golden ratio soon) to a near perfect number, but still we never name them “the most beautiful” women. The title of beautiful women does, always and indeed, go to women who possess these three qualities. No wonder, beauty with brains is the phrase beauty pageants take pride in.

A Beautiful Body:

Shilpa Shetty

How do you define a beautiful, lovely body? One that is svelte, tender and skinny? Or one that is fit and active. I would obviously go with the latter and I am sure most of you would concur with me.  A beautiful body is about a fit figure. Be fit. Do not be thin or picture perfect or a typical “Shilpa Shetty” or “Bipasha Basu” type. Aim for being healthy.

Find out your ideal BMI (Body Mass Index) and strive for it, but more importantly, try to become a healthy, fit person who is active and performs most of her daily chores all by herself. A simple test – An hour in sun or a walk of 3-4 kms should not make you fagged.

Strong bones have always been a challenge for women. Thanks to the biggest blessing they get in the form of child who sucks a lot of calcium from the bones. By the age of 45, most women start complaining of back aches, knee injuries and other joint pains. Idiopathic Oedema is one such condition that occurs mostly to women around the age of 35 – 40. In order to be healthy at that stage in life, one needs to start working now!

A beautiful body is thus a body that is free of any critical ailment and is not a burden on anyone. Infact it is ready to take loads of work on itself and still feels happy and healthy. If you want to feel pretty from within, work to attain a pretty body.

A Beautiful Mind:

You read my blog and you would know how much I love talking about the guru Edward De Bono. I read his book ‘How to have a beautiful mind’ and it is superb.  Beautiful body makes you feel beautiful, but a beautiful mind makes you look attractive to everyone, particularly men.

Men always like a woman who is just not about an attractive face but also about an attractive mind.  An attractive mind is one that is ready to listen to others, understand others and is always polite in tone and does not argue unnecessarily and respects others opinions. All in all, it is about being an extraordinary conversationalist who people love to talk to. Become a person people crave to talk to. They should call you in times of distress. You should be the one they think of when they need someone to express their thoughts to.

Aim for a beautiful mind by creating beautiful thoughts. Become a positive person and spread positivity around. Everyone loves being positively positive in life and they would only love you more when you give them hope and optimism. This does not mean you go overboard and show false hopes to people or blabber just for the heck of it. Be a good thinker and help people think better. Do not be judgemental. Give due respect to others’ opinions.  Your neat mind will make you look beautiful for ever. For mind never dies. My husband always says ‘a man is a set of ideas’ and I can not agree more.

A Beautiful Heart:


This one is the key.  A person with a big heart is always remembered and for the good.  A great heart is one that has immense love and respect for others. It is compassionate and considerate. It does not mind going out of its ways to help others. It is kind and giving in nature. And yeah! Not to forget it is also cholesterol free.

Do not carry a big bag full of expensive cosmetics with you, carry a beautiful heart along. It may help many other fellows on the way.  A big heart goes a long way. Not just in words but in actions. An adorable heart forms the very crux of an overall beautiful personality.

John Keats said a wonderful thing decades ago, “a thing of beauty is a joy forever.”  This applies so well on a beautiful heart.

To quote one of my favourite aphorisms:

Khoobsoorti hai chand roza (Beautiful face is for few days)
Khoobseerat hai mushtakil (Beautiful heart/person is for ever)
Usse khush hain aankhein (That fills eyes with joy)
Esse khush hota hai dil (This fills heart with joy)

About the Author:

Surabhi Surendra lives in Andamans and blogs at Womanatics – a blog about women and relationships.  She would be delighted if you check out her blog and click on the LIKE button here and follow her on twitter here.

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28 thoughts on “Beauty Is Just About Three Things

  1. commendable article Surabhi. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” v true.
    Sophia Loren said “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical” True Na??

  2. hey damn nice article. i went and checked the other stuff on your blog too..truly well written. keep writing. only that I couldnt see the pics..just see empty boxes. maybe it is some setting probblem on my guys know how to fix it?

    1. Hi Aru..

      How you doing..? Thanks for the appreciation yaar. It really motivates me. 🙂 and abt the pictures, I dunno how to fix it coz here I can see the pics. Maybe you can refresh the page. Do you see some of the pics or none at all..?
      If you liked the blog, may I request you to plz click on the like button? It helps me in building credibility. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the article, it was great! I also agree with everything and add 1 more thing – self confidence. I feel like it can change the way you look and how ppl perceive you too.

    1. Sure Mini… it does. 🙂 Thanks for adding it. If you liked the article.. I would request you to kindly check out my blog and click on the like button. 🙂

  4. Beauty definitely comes from a beautiful heart 🙂
    Infact this is my new year’s resolution..I am not going to be mean or bad to people ,no matter how much i am provoked 😐 😐
    Lets see how that goes :stars: :stars:

    1. Hey Ritika…

      thats such a sweet resolution.. and guess what..!! even I decided to NOT fight with my hubby.. atleast zabardasti fight nahi karoongi. So far I am keeping up my resolution.. lets see aage kya hota hai.. 😉

  5. after a long time,me cmming acros such a divine article. .m always in search of these sort of motivatnal stffs. .they make u think abt the real person tht u r. .n those LAST FEW LINES i loved 2 death ,yea nt exaggratng. .bt its true.. M def gnna read dat book u mentiond in here. :thanks: a lot for sharing ua b’ful thots wd us. . ! :waytogo:

    1. Khush..

      Thank youuuuuu so so so much! Hop onto my blog.. you might find many such articles there. 🙂 And I would keep writing more such stuff here.. 🙂 I love the appreciation I get here..

  6. Impressive article surabhi:)
    I still remember how my classmates tortured me for my thin n lean body(stating that i look underweight)….what they never understood was i had a perfect BMI!!!!
    all are so attracted towards 36-24-36

    1. Yours is the best comment Srishi.. It happens.. I had the same thing.. I was skinny though very active and fit and my friends thought I was malnourished!

      We need to break such stereotypes! I am glad you liked it. 🙂

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