Bebe Young Care Body Lotion

Bebe Young Care Body Lotion

Hey Ladies,

Today,I am going to review “Bebe Young Care Body Lotion.”  I never experienced my skin to feel soft besides my hands. One day this body lotion was on sale and I picked it up, opened the bottle, smelled the lotion, loved the smell and purchased it.

Bebe Young Care Body Lotion



I usually put on body lotion after I am done taking a shower because that’s when my pores are still open for a few minutes and the skin absorbs the lotion a lot better and quicker.  The texture is very lightweight and moist.  When I apply it all over my legs, arms, stomach and back, it dries very quickly. It probably takes 2 minutes to dry depending on how much I apply.

Bebe young care

I have had this body lotion for quite some time, probably over 4 months. At first, I didn’t feel like it was moisturizing my skin, so I kind of stopped using the lotion, but one day, I started to use this body lotion again because I wanted to finish it.

I had an idea to just apply a lot of this body lotion onto my legs and roll down my sleep pants and go to sleep and let the lotion absorb into my skin throughout the night. When I woke up in the morning, I touched my legs and they felt AMAZING!! I have never ever in my life experienced this feeling before.

I have done this about 3-4 times in the past 5 weeks and my legs are so soft! I am so impressed and amazed by this body lotion.  This is the first body lotion I actually use often, that’s why I can’t compare this body lotion to any other body lotion.

I do want to purchase at least one other body lotion to see if it’s better than the Bebe Young Care Body Lotion. I want to be able to only apply a little bit of the body lotion to get the same feeling with this body lotion.

Bebe young care

Pros of Bebe Young Care Body Lotion:

  • Dries quickly.
  • Comes at a cheap price.
  • Bottle is cute.
  • Can be used up to 12 months.
  • Smells very yummy.

Cons of Bebe Young Care Body Lotion:

  • The lotion dries into a silicone type of texture around the opening of the bottle.
  • You may want to use a lot of the lotion to get a super soft skin.

Last Word on Bebe Young Care Body Lotion:

I love this lotion. It’s my first body lotion and it made me experience for the first time ever how soft skin on the legs feels like. If you never found a good body lotion,you may want to give this a try or take your body lotion you have at the moment and apply a lot on your legs and let it sit on the skin overnight. Maybe that will finally moisturize the legs and make them feel soft.

Take care ladies, xoxo

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  1. So lvd ur review Shar :)……and tis lotion sounds so perfect to get moisturized skin ……..lemme find whr i cud buy tis one:run:…thnks fr the review :gud wrk:

    1. i really thought this is available worldwide. for some reasn i thought it is as famous as Nivea prodcuts

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