How To Make Bedside Stand: DIY

How To Make Bedside Stand: DIY

Hello Everybody!

I am really glad you liked my first OOTD post, thank you very much for all the lovely comments 🙂 Today’s post is about making your very own bed side table or night stand.

The story behind it:

We moved to a new place some time back and I was finding it really difficult to not have a bedside table.  All you beautiful ladies will agree with me about the convenience of having your lip balm and night cream right by your side before you go to sleep.  The only space available to accommodate a side table was a narrow gap between the cupboard and the wall. I decided to buy something nice, but it was impossible to find anything that would fit in such a tiny space. The price of custom-made furniture tends to be sky high, so I decided to make a small table/stool by myself.

What you will need:

A pair of scissors, printed fabric of your choice, glue and a cardboard box.

How To Make Bedside Stand DIY


1. Take all the materials required and place them on a flat surface (floor) where you have enough space to make your side table.
2. Take any cardboard box (I used the Philips mixer grinder carton that was in the house) according to the space available. You can use two boxes by taping them together in case you want to create more height. Stuff the box with any unused items to add some weight to the box and make it more stable. You can put old newspapers, magazines or any old clothes that you rarely use inside it. I store different kinds of fabric and trinkets that I use for DIY projects inside this box as it also saves space in my cupboard.
3. Take the fabric and wrap it around the cardboard box. The easiest way would be to wrap it like you are wrapping a gift item. Cut away any additional fabric and paste the fabric onto the box with glue or Fevicol.
4. To make a decorative bow, use the remaining fabric by cutting a thin strip of about 20 cm length and 1 cm width. Now, make a bow out of it (just tie it like your shoe laces). Place this bow on the front of your night stand by using a pin.

Cute Bedside Stand 1

I really enjoyed making this table and love using it as a storage box too.  Anybody out there who wants an easy solution for the lack of enough space to keep their reading glasses, bedtime medicines or a bottle of water, etc., can try making this useful night stand. Hope you all liked it.

P.S. The cardboard box shown in the first picture is for illustration only. I used a bigger box.  Here’s how it looks, sitting pretty in the tiny space.

Cute Bedside Stand 2

More pictures:

Cute Bedside Stand 3

Looks like a Christmas present, doesn’t it?

Cute Bedside Stand 4

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13 thoughts on “How To Make Bedside Stand: DIY

  1. I just need this Anusha… we too moved to new place.
    it is kind of temp stay now so we don’t want to buy too many furniture.
    I am going to make it this weekend 😀

  2. hey this is super cute. I lkie the choice of fabric and color too. Polka dots are just too cute. one question – You mentioned you stuff it with DIY stuff. So do you leave a little opening to pull it when required?

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