About Belly Button Piercings

Once favoured by the chosen few, body piercing is quickly gaining popularity as the highly fashionable personal statement. Reasons to get a piercing done vary from individual to individual. For some it is a little edgy mode of self expression while for others it may just be a desire to decorate the body.


Anyway whatever the reason be, when deciding whether a belly button piercing is for you just keep in mind the following points:

• Go to a reputable shop that uses sterile techniques and are licensed for piercings to reduce the risk of infection and nerve damage.

• Avoid touching your piercing frequently. The more you poke and touch it, the more likely it is that your body rejects it.

• Do not use strong bath oils or soap until your piercing has healed completely. Also avoid going into bathtubs or swimming pools as standing water can harbour all sorts of bacteria which can irritate your piercing. It is best to take showers only for some time.


• Use mild medicated soap to clean your belly button twice a day until you are sure it has healed completely. Do not clean your piercing with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

• After cleaning your piercing with a mild medicated soap, dry it. Use a clean tissue and pat dry the area.

• Wear loose tops and low-cut, soft material pants to avoid irritating your piercing from rubbing.

• Lay on you back when you sleep to avoid any rubbing that might irritate your piercing. Also, make sure that your sheets and blankets are kept clean while your piercing is healing.

• Seek immediate medical attention if you experience excessive swelling, prolonged redness, throbbing pain or sensations of heat in the pierced area.


• Do not let your pets lick your piercing or belly button.

• Be sure to clean all jewellery before inserting it into the piercing! If you decide to change the jewellery, be sure to wait at least 3 months so that the piercing will be healed enough to handle the change.

• Belly button piercings can take 6 to 12 months to heal completely. People who take a good diet with plenty of vitamins and have a good immune system, are more likely to heal faster than those who don’t pay attention to what they are eating. If not cared for properly, a belly button piercing can take up to two years to heal and is an easy target for recurring infections.

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  1. i remember,at one time i was so crazy about getting a belly button piercing, but now that wish is not that strong.
    you have provided very nice tips era,,,,,,will help me if i ever get it!!

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