Ben Nye Brush Cleaner Review

I have been a long-term user of MAC Brush Cleanser and I trust it completely with my brushes. I have used it for years and it has kept my brushes in perfect condition. But recently I discovered this light purple Ben Nye Brush Cleanser and OMG! I think I would find it hard to use anything else now. It is one of the most effective brush cleaners I have ever used. I have used other brush cleaners from Sephora, NYX and even regular cleaning alcohol, this Ben Nye cleanser beats just about everyone and every other brush cleaner that is out there.

Ben Nye Brush Cleaner Review

59 ml for $6. You have an option to pick a bottle with a spray nozzle or the one without it. I would suggest that you pick one without the spray nozzle. (I’d tell you why below).
Product Description:
Get your brushes squeaky clean and sanitized in one step with Ben Nye’s Brush Cleaner! Quickly and effectively breaks down stubborn creme makeup and gets your brushes disinfected for your next client. Keep a spray bottle in your kit for on-the-go cleansing! Alcohol-based with a pleasant scent. Use in well-ventilated areas.

My Experience with Ben Nye Brush Cleaner:

Ben Nye suggests that you pour the liquid in a small cup. Dip the brush in liquid and swirl it on a tissue. I did that and OMG! It cleansed every last trace of gunk/dirt/makeup off my brushes. And not only that, it left my brushes so soft and pretty dry the moment they were cleansed. It is so much more effective than the MAC Brush Cleanser that I have been using for years. I could not find a bigger bottle of this, but I would definitely check one online.

Ben Nye Brush Cleaner

I definitely recommend that you buy the bottle without spray nozzle. Because when you have a spray nozzle, you spritz the liquid on the brush and want to clean it on the tissue – it does not work that way. At least not as effectively when you dip the brush in liquid and clean it. You have to take the liquid in a cap/cup to clean your brushes.

Ben Nye Brush Cleaner how it works

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The bottle without the spray nozzle comes with a wide cap, so you can use that as a container for putting the liquid. It is an absolutely fantastic product for makeup artists because your brushes come clean and dry in seconds. You know it’s a boon when you are doing multiple clients or fashion shows.

It has a very mild alcohol content but pretty much non-existent fragrance to it, so your brushes don’t really smell. This also lasts for up to 3 years after you open it. While cleaning, I felt there was something oily in the product and guess that could be reason that it helps dissolve the products on the brush so effectively. I also feel it conditions the brushes rather than being harsh and drying on the bristles. But your brushes clean dry, soft and ready to use within seconds.

Overall, absolutely fantastic. highly recommend it.

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