Ben Nye Burnt Orange MediaPro Mojave Adjuster Review

Hi everyone,

This post is about a color corrector that I bought to combat hyperpigmentation, especially to even out discoloration around my mouth and under my eyes.

Ben Nye Burnt Orange MediaPro Mojave Adjuster

Product Description:
Ben Nye’s Mojave Adjusters are especially made for clients of a deeper, brown or olive skin tone. Stubborn dark circles are no longer impossible to neutralize with these intensely pigmented corrector cremes; you’ll find yourself using less product and seeing dramatic results! Not just for use under the eyes, these rich cremes are also instrumental for correcting and evening out base tones as well as scarring and other areas of varying pigmentation. May be used alone or with concealer. Apply sparingly with a synthetic bristled brush and build for increased neutralization. Sets gorgeously with Ben Nye Mojave Luxury Powder!



My Experience with Ben Nye Burnt Orange MediaPro Mojave Adjuster:

I have used orange correctors in the past, but either they were not pigmented enough to camouflage skin discolorations or were not ‘adhesive’ enough to stick under the foundation and not move around or were just too thick and tacky that it felt like I was wearing paint on my face.  I bought this product based on a Youtube video, wherein a dark brown toned lady used it to cover her imperfections to get a flawless base. Orange corrector is mostly for those of us who have blue-colored discoloration because in the color wheel orange cancels blue.

Ben Nye Burnt Orange MediaPro Mojave Adjuster outer packaging

Packaging: The product is set in a cake-creamy form in a sturdy, plastic container with a twist-up clear lid – it is a “no nonsense” packaging and is perfect for travelling purposes as well.

Ben Nye Burnt Orange MediaPro Mojave Adjuster packaging

Consistency: The consistency of this corrector is creamy but not to the point that it moves around while applying foundation or weighs down face. It also contains minimal amount of oils and prevents makeup from breaking, hence also acts as a perfect makeup primer.

Color:  The shade name is “Burnt Orange,” but I am not sure what “burnt” signifies, but I do know that this color is perfect ‘Hanuman ji’ orange and can be used as a face paint also 😛

Ben Nye Burnt Orange MediaPro Mojave Adjuster tub

Coverage: This product has amazing coverage and no wonder it is used by professional makeup people and stage artists. I apply it with a wet sponge to blend it well into my skin and then layer it with a thin layer of foundation and I am good to go. I no longer feel conscious of grey patches that appear around my mouth after I apply foundation.

Ben Nye Burnt Orange MediaPro Mojave Adjuster swatch on fingers

Fragrance: This product has no fragrance or smell of strong chemicals. It can be worn easily and does not make face appear artificial or dolled up.

Ben Nye Burnt Orange MediaPro Mojave Adjuster swatch

Pros of Ben Nye Burnt Orange MediaPro Mojave Adjuster:

  • It is just for $10 and a small quantity goes a long way.
  • It has several other shades and those who are aware of their skin tone need to know the color wheel well, and then they can buy the right shade for themselves.
  • Easily available to US residents.
  • Has no unpleasant smell.
  • Acts as a primer and prevents makeup and eyeshadow from breaking up.
  • Works wonders when paired with Ben Nye Banana Powder.
  • It does not contain heavy oil and does not feel artificial or heavy on face.
  • It can be used on extreme scarring or tattoos also.

Cons of Ben Nye Burnt Orange MediaPro Mojave Adjuster:

  • It is not that easily available outside India.
  • Mostly can be ordered online and that makes selecting the right shade a bit tricky.
  • Needs to be blended well or might make face appear darker..
  • Jar packaging can be unhygienic for some, especially when used by makeup artist.

I love this product – it is cheap, works so well to hide my discoloration, makes me feel more confident about my makeup base, and is easy to apply and blend. I do recommend it to all the readers.

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