Ben Nye Media Pro HD Cover All – SK 1 Review

Ben Nye Media Pro HD Cover All – SK 1 Review

Hi Beauties,

Till now, I have talked about types of concealers, correctors, and sheer to medium to full coverage concealers, but these concealers work well only for the dark under eye shadows. If we have problem areas elsewhere, what do we do??? Even people who do not have any other major issues on their skin, do get the occasional blemish from time to time. So, do we go in for separate concealers for each and every type of blemish. I do not think that is feasible at all besides being too heavy on the pocket. Today, I am reviewing a product (Concealer Palette: SK1) which is going to solve most of your problems regarding concealers in one go!!!!!

Ben Nye Media Pro HD Cover All

Product Description:

Ben Nye is a theatrical makeup company. It creates heavy duty makeup which can withstand the harsh lights of the industry. It was started in the year 1967 by a famous Hollywood makeup artist; Benjamin Emmet Nye Sr., (Renowned for movies like Planet of the Apes and Gone with the Wind).  Cover-All Wheel (SK-1): Four of the most classic and universal concealing and correcting shades, are present which will suit everyone from warm to cool tones!

Shades in the SK-1 palette are:

• Mellow Yellow: Neutralises and covers up redness , blemishes, scars and capillaries.
• Mellow Orange: Neutralize blue-green face and body imperfections including veins, tattoos,
bruises and deep under-eye discolorations.
• Coverette Cover-Up: Often recommended by doctors and “Camouflage artists” to cover scar
tissue, birthmarks, vitiligo and post-op skin discoloration. Blends easily to most skin tones.
• Five O’Sharp Series: Conceas blue beard shadows. May be applied beneath or over foundation. Very effective in concealing deep discolorations, including black eyes or intense under-eye discoloration.


I got it for Rs. 1700/- for a 4 shade concealer palette, weighing 3 gm from an online store.


Ben Nye Media Pro HD Cover All

My Experience with Ben Nye Media Pro HD Cover All – SK 1:

The brand makes each and every kind of makeup product which a professional theatre artist would need. Products like foundations, loose powders, lip colors, eye colors, rouges, concealers, glitters, professional colors for various roles an artist might play (like a vampire or a clown), are made in so many colors, textures and formats that it is indeed mind boggling. They also make products in singles, as well as in palettes. The famous “Banana luxury loose powder” used by Kim Kardashian is a testimonial for this brand. The best part is that these products have still been kept extremely economical.

Ben Nye Media Pro HD Cover All

The palette I purchased (SK-1) is a collection of 4 concealers in one.  I think this particular concealer palette is very much suitable for Indian skin tones. The palette is round in shape, white in color with a transparent screw-in lid.  It’s size is very small and easily fits in the palm of your hand. It is divided into four parts. Each part contains a particular shade of concealer. These can be used alone, or mixed and applied according to your skin needs.

Each of the four shades is extremely pigmented, light and creamy. According to website, each concealer will last at least 50 to 200 applications and this is for theatre people. For us ordinary people, it may last even more. Among these four, my favorites and most used have been CC-3 and MO-2, which I use for my under eye dark shadows. I usually use the orange-peachy toned one (MO-2) as a corrector for dark shadows, and the yellow toned one (CC-3) as the concealer. It provides full coverage. I have been using it on and off for around four months, with hardly a dent in the product.

Ben Nye Media Pro HD Cover All

I usually use a concealer brush to take out some product and dot it around my eyes and some other blemishes (if I have any at the moment), and then tap it in with my ring finger. I find that using a finger warms up the product and blends it well, but if I rub this product into the area, it tends to settle into my fine lines and wrinkles. Merely tapping in the product avoids this problem. It does not melt on the skin, and does tend to stay for the entire day. Also, it can be easily removed using an oil-based cleanser.

Ben Nye Media Pro HD Cover All

Ben Nye Media Pro HD Cover All

I do have two issues with this product. Firstly, this product is hard to find in stores. It is mostly available online or theatrical supplies shops. I do think that Mumbai has some shops which do store this, but you will find it cheaper online. Secondly, this product does tend to settle into lines and wrinkles. It may be covered somehow with a powder, but the lines do not disappear completely if not blended properly.

Pros of Ben Nye Media Pro HD Cover All – SK 1:

  • Very good brand for professional artists.
  • Small size and easy to carry.
  • Economical for the amount of product present.
  • Will last 50-200 applications.
  • Very creamy.
  • Four concealers in one can solve all your skin issues, either using alone or by mixing together.
  • Suitable for many skin tones.
  • Very pigmented.
  • Full coverage for any imperfection on your body.
  • Finish is very natural.
  • Very light.
  • Blends beautifully, no tugging at all even on my dry skin.
  • Stays intact for a long time.
  • Can be removed easily using oil-based cleanser.
  • Many other shades and palettes are available.

Cons of Ben Nye Media Pro HD Cover All – SK 1:

  • Not easily available in shops (can be purchased online or in theatrical supply shops).
  • Makes fine lines and wrinkles more prominent (will need a powder to control this….and Blend…Blend…Blend).
  • Oily skin types need to use a bit of powder, as is true with any cream concealer.

IMBB Rating:


I think this is a very, very superior product among all brands available and provides such a natural coverage. It is a very versatile product. You may try and experiment with the colors if you have some unwanted tattoos, birthmarks, etc. It is very economical for the amount present in the palette and will last you ages. Apart from this particular palette, Ben Nye has so many different palettes, colors, textures, products and at such amazing prices, that you will start wondering what to take and what to omit.

Do I Recommend Ben Nye Media Pro HD Cover All – SK 1?

Yes, yes, yes!



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  1. This is one super product with a superb review *drool* *drool* whyyyyy are such products not available in India!!!! *waaa* *waaa* *waaa*

  2. Arpita, I was thinking of ordering this before but had no way to swatch…is the MO-2 shade not too light for dark undereye circles? I love their Banana powder!

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