Ben Nye PBS-2, STB-03, RS-10 Review

I picked up a few of Ben Nye brushes this time around – they are just “out of the world” brushes, they are so good! These brushes are inexpensive too. You get them mostly at makeup pro stores, and these are such amazing brushes. I am reviewing three of them in this post today – I have four in the collection. I haven’t used the fourth one enough, so I am reviewing three out of the four that I have -PBS-2, STB-03, RS-10. Read on for more details.

Ben Nye PBS2 STB03 RS10

PBS-2 (Bullet Blender Brush): The first one is PBsS2 – it’s like a duofiber brush, if you see, it’s like a little dense, stick-like brush. It’s like a mini beauty blender on a stick. So, I am literally obsessed with using it for my concealer or even applying the powder. If I have applied my foundation with a brush and if there are any streaks, I would just go around with this brush all around, pat on my skin and get rid of any streaks. It feels very soft on the skin. It does not have too much bend to it which makes it perfect for literally buffing in or pressing in the product into the skin. It feels soft and gentle on the skin. I have washed it several times and it hasn’t shed a bristle. It is easy to clean. It’s not like a must-have brush that you should have in the kit, I have a similar one from Makeup Forever. If you start using a brush like this, you would get addicted to it. It’s like a mini Beauty Blender on the stick and it’s absolutely fantastic.

Ben Nye PBS2

Ben Nye makeup brush

STB-03 (Soft Blender Brush): The second brush that I am reviewing is STB03. It’s like your regular makeup brush, nothing special about it. It’s like your regular fluffy brush that you would use all over the face. It’s a duofiber brush, so it feels very soft on the skin. You can use it underneath the concealer, you can use for eyeshadow all over the eyes, you can use it for the crease. You can even use it for applying foundation around your nose or buffing or blending out any of the product, you know buffing out concealer on the skin or under the eyes. It’s a multi-use basic good fluffy brush that is good to have. It’s pretty much a dupe of MAC 224, much much softer, I like the black handle and the wooden end of it also looks very cool. It’s a beautiful brush to have in your collection.

Ben Nye STB03 brush

Ben Nye STB03 bristles

RS10:  The third brush that I am reviewing today is RS10. It’s a very precise brush. I love precise brushes because when you have to do detailed eye makeup or anything, these small brushes come in very handy. It’s a pointy brush and very soft on the skin and what I like to use it for is for applying highlight on the inner corner of the eyes. It’s like a longer version of your pencil brush. So, if you use pencil brush and if you are looking for a variation, then check this out.

Ben Nye RS10

Ben Nye RS 10 bristles

These are more like pro brushes and you would want to include these brushes when you are expanding your collection, these are not really beginner brushes. They are very good brushes and cheap also. If I have to smoke out my winged eyeliner or if I have to just pinpoint concealing on my skin, I would use it for that. It’s just an overall detailer brush. I like the matte black handle of the brush and it looks very classy and cool at the same time. These are absolutely gorgeous brushes. I cannot recommend them enough to you. If you are expanding your makeup kit and if you are looking for some detailed and exceptional brushes to include in your collection, definitely look at Ben Nye. They are very pro quality brushes and they are just absolutely amazing brushes to have in your collection.

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