Ben Nye Tatoo Cover Concealer Review

Ben Nye Tatoo Cover Concealer

Ben Nye Tatoo Cover Concealer

What The Company Claims:

The Tattoo Cover Concealers are from our Ben Nye Neutralizers and Concealers line. The Tattoo Cover has distinctive shades to cover tattoos and other deep discolorations. Formulated with highest pigmentation for maximum coverage.

Included in Conceal-All Wheels and Concealer Palette

Price and Quantity:

8 dollars for 3oz./8.4gm, expect 50-200 applications.

Shades Available:


• NT 1
• NT 2
• NT 3
• NT 4
• NT 5

The shade that I got is NT 2.





The concealer comes in a simple, lightweight plastic, pot-type packaging.




swatch on hand

My Take on Ben Nye Tatoo Cover/Concealer:

Ben Nye concealers/tattoo covers are one of its best selling, super raved about products, so I could not skip/miss ordering these while getting other Ben Nye products.  I absolutely love this and will definitely consider it as the best concealer I own till date (in terms of performance).

The concealer is slightly orange/salmon and does a great concealing job on dark circles and dark spots/blemishes. The formula is soft and creamy, so I prefer to set it with some loose powder.  I just dot this concealer with my finger tips on the required area and this blends in a jiffy without much effort.  Also, it does not get cakey, looks very natural and also photographs well.  With regards to coverage, I would definitely consider this a medium to full coverage concealer. I also use this to cover/conceal my breakouts and it never irritates them.

For reference, I am NC 25 in MAC and the shade NT 2 suits me completely.

Overall, Ben Nye Tatoo Cover Concealer has satisfied and impressed me thoroughly and I don’t see myself getting any other brand as of now

Pros and Cons of Ben Nye Tatoo Cover Concealer

:yes: The concealer’s formula is creamy and it blends easily.
:yes: Looks very natural , photographs well.
:yes: These are superbly pigmented.
:yes: Does not get cakey.
:yes: Gives full coverage.
:yes: Fairly priced for the quantity we get in the pot.
:yes: Suits my sensitive skin.

:no: Not easily available in India.
:no: Since its creamy, it tends to smudge, so you need to set it with powder.
:no: Finding your right shade online could be difficult.
:no: Some of you may not like the pot-type packaging.

IMBB Rating: 4 ON 5 :-* :-* :-* :-*

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          1. NC and NW are skin tone shades given to MAC products. NC for warm toned and NW for cool toned. They match the foundation and concealer this way.

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  4. nufurr nc25 !! pata nahi mera kya hoga
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    1. haaingg….this is highly pigmented concealer it means :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug:
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  5. this looks awesome concealer Nupur..must try it when I buy the rest of ben nye products 😀 btw i got kryolan’s concealer and its quite similar to this one :yes: it works wonderfully well for my pigmented eye lids :yahoo: :yahoo:

      1. yeah concealer cum color corrector and its quite nice :)) it really helps to hide my pigmented eyelids superbly well and looks so very natural! will def send you pics and review soon but want to use little more and give my opinion 🙂

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  8. This seems like a really nice concealer, Nupur, thanks for sharing, I need something like this maybe, for the under-eye area. Let me go check Ebay soon……. :jog: :jog:

  9. Hi there,

    I’m sooo happy I finally found an Indian Makeup Blog. Usually all the blogs are by Americans an British women, so its nice to read about products that are suitable for Indian skin. 🙂 I’m from Goa and I find it difficult to relate to non-Indians when it comes to makeup and their reviews. I hope I don’t sound too racist, I love the way they do their makeup, but its always difficult to replicate cuz of the skin tone.

    I’m really glad I got to see this review and everything about the concealer sounds great.. I have really dark under eye circles, which to conceal, I need to pack on many layers of concealer.

    Just wanted to know if this concealer is good for everyday use, and is it long wearing? Will it last a long time or does it tend to fade after a few hours? I need a long lasting one because I really don’t have time durin work to touch up.

    Also, where do you order this from? Ben Nye products are not available here in UAE, so if u get it delivered to u in India, then for sure I can’t get it delivered here.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


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