Benefit Fakeup Hydrating Under Eye Concealer Review

By Jessica Orianna Dcruz

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Today’s review is about Benefit Fakeup Hydrating Under Eye Concealer. So let’s get right to it!

Benefit Fakeup Hydrating Under Eye Concealer Review

Price: $24
Product Description:
This hydrating crease-control concealer – with vitamin E & apple seed extract – hides dark circles and diffuses fine lines for a silky smooth, ultra-natural look. It’s proven to keep skin hydrated for six hours!*
• 100% said it hydrates skin**
• 100% said it feels comfortable on skin**
• 91% said it conceals dark circles**
*Instrumental test
**Results observed in a consumer panel survey

My Experience with Benefit Fakeup Hydrating Under Eye Concealer:

The way this story begins is that I went to Sephora hunting for a good concealer that wouldn’t crease and wouldn’t fade easily or look like I’m wearing a concealer at all. To put it rather bluntly, my search didn’t end with this concealer, but I figure it was worth reviewing anyway.

This product comes in three shades – Light, Medium, and Deep. I purchased ‘Deep’ but only because the SA recommended it; to be very honest, it did look good under the store light. Let’s take a look at the packaging – it’s shiny, it’s pretty, it’s bright…just like Benefit’s brand image. I love the name ‘Fake Up’ however, because let’s face it, concealers are for faking a good 8 hours sleep or that flawless goddess skin.

Benefit Fakeup Hydrating Under Eye Concealer Packaging

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The concealer is packaged in a lipstick bullet like packaging. The outside is an almost reflective surface with some pink motifs covering it. The concealer itself is twist up. Remember those Lakme lipsticks that had the moisture balm in the center? Now imagine it to be the exact opposite! The balm is on the outside and the concealer is the core.

I must admit the texture is smooth like butter. It literally glides and dry skinned beauties will absolutely love how hydrating it is. Girls with oily skin may want to apply this sparingly, though. The buttery texture can become greasy if your skin is already oily or if you have a lot of primer underneath. Skip the primer under this if you can as the balm is hydrating and priming enough.

Benefit Fakeup Hydrating Under Eye Concealer Close Up

Deep is a rather orangey shade, which reminds me more of a peach corrector than a concealer. I decided to give it the benefit (pun intended) of doubt and used it under my eyes and prayed to the makeup Gods to make it look like the way it did in the store. Blend I did but even after blending it out completely it still looked like I was wearing a corrector under my eyes. I don’t even have bags under my eyes to need a corrector!

The shade fiasco made the product an epic fail for me but I’m nothing if not creative with my makeup, so I layered the concealer with another lighter concealer from my Freedom Correct and Conceal Palette and, voila, it worked! My under eyes looked like I had been getting ample beauty sleep for years together, so it all worked out.

Benefit Fakeup Hydrating Under Eye Concealer Top

I did try spending a day (indoors, obviously) with the concealer on my eyes to test how long it lasts. Since staying at home involved bathing my dog, doing my chores and a light workout, I figured it was a busy enough day to test out the staying power.

The balm on the concealer prevents it from creasing, no matter how much you sweat. It stays on for a good 7 hours, provided it’s set with a powder. It’s pretty pigmented, so one swipe is good enough and can keep the imperfections covered up all day long.

Benefit Fakeup Hydrating Under Eye Concealer Swatch

Pros of Benefit Fakeup Hydrating Under Eye Concealer:

• Coverage
• Pigmentation
• Hydrating balm
• No creasing

Cons of Benefit Fakeup Hydrating Under Eye Concealer:

• Shade is too orangey

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5
As much as I love this product I can’t use it too often because of the shade. Though I am considering going back to try the shade ‘Medium’ because I love the formula a lot.

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