Benefit Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner Review

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I am back with another product review, I hope you enjoyed the beauty articles I had written earlier on. This review is on an eyeliner by Benefit and I wore this the first time on my mum’s birthday/Diwali, since both were on the same day, I was super excited to dress up. We went to an amazing place for dinner and all of us were dressed up in gorgeous Indian wear and it was really exciting. Read on to find out my view on this liquid eyeliner.

Benefit Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner

Product Description:

Sexy, stunning & sinfully black…it’s the perfectly precise eyeliner for drama that lasts.

Price: £16.50 for 2.5 ml.


Benefit Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner

My Experience with Benefit Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner:

I had purchased this eyeliner recently on a holiday in the US, but never actually ended up wearing it for the longest time ever, so the 23rd of October was a good occasion and the perfect excuse to apply it. The packaging of this eyeliner is actually adorable, which I am not surprised since Benefit is known for those cute packaging. It comes in a tiny black bottle, with a long thin brush and neon coloured font on top. The packaging looks quirky and at the same time appears really luxurious. The brush is extremely thin, which is great for precision and those thin thin thin lines we all love to do at some point. I also thought, that the brush retained the product really well and application seemed really smooth to me, I have relatively small eyes and have to be careful during application of eye liner on my lids.  But with this, it was relatively easy to do so.

Benefit Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner

The colour is a jet black liquid, with just the right constancy and easily glides on your lids. As for the drying time, like I said, I have small eyes due to which there is not enough space, so I have to be really careful with these things, but this eyeliner dried in a few seconds. Once dried, the eyeliner does not smudge, nor did it flake for the whole night. This ladies, might also be because London has really cold climate, so I don’t really sweat so much and there is no oil formation on my face very often (especially the eyes). This made me super happy though as my makeup was entirely intact throughout the night. Also, it is waterproof, but at the same time it was really easy to take off with my makeup remover.

Benefit Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner

Pros of Benefit Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner:

  • The shade is a gorgeous jet black colour.
  • The thin wand makes application really easy and with great precision.
  • The constancy of the liquid liner is perfect.
  • A single swipe is all you need.
  • Fast drying time.
  • Good staying power, no traces of smudging or flaking.
  • Cute, sleek packaging, easy to pop in your little clutch too.
  • Looks lovely once dried.

Cons of Benefit Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner:

  • I honestly cannot think of any!

Would I Repurchase Benefit Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner?

Well, personally I am not such a big user of liquid liners for the upper lid. But I love this, so yes it shall be a yes for me. It is so great, that my sister bought herself one too!

IMBB Rating: 5/5


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