Benefit All-Purpose Pencil Sharpener Review

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Today, I am going to review a must-have beauty tool. It’s the all-purpose pencil sharpener from Benefit Cosmetics. I had picked up a lousy sharpener from a store – it didn’t work for the pencils that I had and broke a lot of them. Therefore, I decided to give branded beauty tools a try and see how it fares out for me. Read on to know how this all-purpose pencil sharpener from Benefit Cosmetics worked for my pencils.

Benefit All-Purpose Pencil Sharpener Review

Product Description:
Benefit All-Purpose Pencil Sharpener Details


My Experience with Benefit All-Purpose Pencil Sharpener:

First of all, cute cardboard packaging. This sharpener comes in a small and chic cardboard box with the product description and a figure explaining all the components of this sharpener (yes, this sharpener has various components which are quite fancy).

Benefit All-Purpose Pencil Sharpener Packaging

Secondly, such an adorable baby pink colour and so many components to work with. It is a standard dual sharpener with one slot for thinner pencils and one slot for thicker pencils. This sharpener has been described as ‘all-purpose’ because it has a size adjuster which allows you to modulate the size of the sharpener meant for jumbo pencils. This is quite a nice feature and allows for more varieties of pencils to ‘fit in’.

Benefit All-Purpose Pencil Sharpener Unboxed

By this stage, it was already a fancier sharpener for me but hold on there is one more feature. A blade-cleaning tool! I don’t think any other sharpeners in the industry have this tool specifically to clean out the gunk from the blades.

Benefit All-Purpose Pencil Sharpener Parts

Okay, so the sharpener has wooed me already and I haven’t even started using it. It’s a lot to offer for the price. The blades of this sharpener are quite sharp and they do their job very effectively. I tested out the Kiko Milano Intense Colour Long-Lasting Eyeliner pencils on this sharpener. My reason was picking out the variants of this pencil to test out the sharpener were simple: they have a plastic body instead of a wooden one and the lead of the pencil is very soft, therefore making these pencils difficult to sharpen. If this sharpener can sharpen these pencils without breaking them, then it’s passed the most difficult test.

Benefit All-Purpose Pencil Sharpener Size Adjuster

And, this sharpener delivered on its promises. I had quite sharp eye pencils without any breaking. I didn’t sharpen the pencils to the extent of having a ‘pin-point’ because, I was scared that I might break them, but with this sharpener I think I can take this risk. I tried this sharpener for my wooden pencils and it works wonderfully on them. I never thought I would be obsessed with a simple pencil sharpener but here I am. The blade-cleaning tool which is offered with this sharpener works nicely to remove and clean all the gunk from the sharpened pencils. The tool has a really pointed end which makes it accessible to the blade and also helps in scraping off the waste.

Benefit All-Purpose Pencil Sharpener Pencil Swatch

The only thing I couldn’t test out is the big sharpener meant for jumbo pencils as at the moment, I don’t have any such pencils. But I am sure that the quality for the big sharpener will be as great as the smaller one. And, I think the size-adjuster will make it easier to sharpen the ‘in-between’ pencil sizes.

Overall, I really like this pencil sharpener for its functionality. It allows for a precise sharpening of pencils without breaking them. It also has a tool to clean out the gunk left from other eye pencils and has a size adjuster.

Pros of Benefit All-Purpose Pencil Sharpener:

  • Cute cardboard packaging.
  • Lovely baby pink coloured sharpener.
  • Really sharp blades ensure precise pencils.
  • Dual sharpener with a size adjuster, allows for a variety of pencils to be sharpened.
  • Affordable.
  • Wand-cleaning tool is a unique feature and helps in scraping off the waste from the blade.
  • Doesn’t break pencils, even the ones with the softest leads.

Cons of Benefit All-Purpose Pencil Sharpener:

  • None.

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Recommend and Repurchase Benefit All-Purpose Pencil Sharpener?
Yes to both. This is the ultimate sharpener. It has all the features and tools that a sharpener needs.

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