Benefit Remove It Makeup Remover Review

benefit remove it makeup remover

Claims :

Why we love it!
Removing your makeup is as important as applying it. Remove it makeup remover effectively removes eye makeup, including long-wearing & waterproof formulas, with an oil-free, no-rinse formula.

How to apply
Apply with a cotton pad, then gently wipe away. For use before facial cleanser.

Beauty tip
Apply remove it makeup remover to a clean cotton swab to instantly correct mascara or eyeliner mistakes.

Price : USD 21/ Rs 1300 approx


Available at Sephora

Ingredients : 

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Details :

benefit remove it makeup remover review

My Experience with Benefit Remove it Makeup Remover :

I have been constantly using this makeup remover from past 15 days or so. I have developed a love and hate relationship with this makeup remover. It’s a good one but probably not the best one. Read on! 🙂

  • This is a water based oil free makeup remover. I absolutely adore these kind of watery makeup removers because they almost feel nothing on skin still do the job of removing makeup quite well.
  • This is advertised as a ‘makeup remover’ and I started using it as a both for face and eyes. It was not doing a good job at removing the base makeup properly so I gave a quick google search and found that it is an eye makeup remover only. BUT nowhere it mentions THAT. It is quite misleading.
  • It is very gentle eye makeup remover. So if you are wearing a full on eye makeup (especially water proof eye makeup)  you would have to go through a couple of cotton pads to get rid of all of eye makeup. It becomes a task and I don’t like to go swipe cotton pads on my eyes so many times.  If you want to remove light eye makeup just as kajal and all.. there it would do a very good job. You could also use it on every day basis for just cleaning the eye area before you do your skin care. Mainly that’s what I use it for.
  • It feels very good on the skin almost as if you are using water soaked cotton pads on your eyes.
  • It does not sting the eyes at all.
  • It does not blur the vision at all.
  • Has a mild soothing fragrance. I like it.
  • Helps a great bit in fixing the winged eye liner or getting rid of that extra dots of mascara from here and there.
  • It comes in a sturdy clear mint green plastic bottle. Very basic packaging but pretty and I love it. You have to be a bit careful with with the wide mouth of the bottle but I find it pretty okay.

Overall, this is not the best and the most effective eye makeup remover. It does not do the basic job of removing eye makeup very effectively. I would just use this bottle since I have it and it  is not causing any problems to me. But won’t recommend it. Won’t repurchase it. There are definitley better eye makeup removers around.

Rating : 2.8/5


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22 thoughts on “Benefit Remove It Makeup Remover Review

  1. Rati…..I think these watery ones are best in winters, no need to rinse it off with cold water after it clears off the makeup 😛

  2. the packaging is so tempting…..but I love virgin coconut oil for removing makeup…it just melts every bit of makeup even if its waterproof…………

  3. Whoaaa the bottle is so sexy Rati but gonna give it a miss after what you wrote. Currently after going through so many makeup removers like MAC, Clinique, Colorbar, Maybelline (which sucks) etc. I’m sticking to good ol’ Johnson’s baby oil. It works wonders to remove makeup and is gentle on the skin. I wipe the oil off after with some rose water and i’m sorted 🙂

  4. it seems ki benefit ppl gave their entire attention to the packing and forgot to make the product as good as the packing itself!! 😉

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