Benefits of Body Massage

Benefits of Full Body Massage

Hi Ladies,

Since you appreciated my last skin care article on Pre-Bathing tips, which you can check here, I have come up with yet another skin care regimen. It is again related to the complete body. Our body needs care and pampering to release all the tensions, worries and hard work that we go through whole day. So the best way to relax and give our body comfort is to go for a full body massage at least once a week. It has got numerous benefits helps to maintain proper balance and keeping the body fit and healthy. So let us read and find out what are the important benefits of full body massage.
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1. One of the best benefits of full body massage is that it helps in improving blood circulation throughout the whole body. As a result, blood gets easily transported to the main organs of the body like heart, lungs, liver etc. Moreover, it also helps in speedy recovery of the injured parts of our body. It helps in repairing and rebuilding of the various ruptured tissues and cells more conveniently. Along with proper medicinal therapies as prescribed by your doctor, massage helps the body for speedy recovery.

2. A full body massage regulates the stimulation of a hormone named endorphins. It is a stress buster. It helps in stress and anxiety relief which can create many problems like high blood pressure, gives relief from depression and results in better mood, encourages need of physical activity, it also increases appetite for food.

3. A full body massage can cure problems of migraine, insomnia (sleeplessness), low back and shoulder pain, spinal cord disorders, high blood pressure, fatigue, etc.

4. A full body massage helps in the detoxification of harmful toxins in the body that are produced in our body through various food preservatives, harmful pollutants, impurities or germs that goes in our body through various external agencies.

Some important factors to keep in mind regarding a full body massage:

1. A full body massage must be avoided if there is a recent surgery, unhealed wounds, blood cloth, skin infections or allergies.

2. It must always be done in a well registered and licensed spa or salon. The person must be professionally trained, experienced or else with improper massage strokes, it may create hazardous results like muscle pull, muscle cramps, ruptured tissues, etc.

3. For maximum benefits, go for a full body massage once or twice every week and ensure that the person doing the message covers you important parts like back, shoulders, hands, fingers, legs, feet, fingertips which are extremely sensitive and reactive to pleasure as nerve endings are located there.

4. Also, ensure that the massage continues for a period of 30 to 45 minutes. A short period of body massage won’t be that effective.

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5 An Ayurvedic body massage gives maximum benefit of all.

Hope this article will give will some effective information on body massage and its healthy benefits. Take Care and Stay Healthy.

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17 thoughts on “Benefits of Body Massage

  1. I get it done by a local maalishwali every saturday and it has really helped me! that 1 hour is bliss! do try ladies, but ensure to get it done from trained and experienced person. BTW nice article, Ishani!

  2. Thank you for this article ishani…… i generally follows this massage therapy by a local maalishwali every weekend on Sunday. ans its really work

  3. I really want to get full body massages but guess I still am a bit shy about shedding my clothes . 😛 Great post. Would def want to give it a try. 🙂

    1. Hehehe……the cloths shedding part is really uncomfortable…….. Thanks and Do share your experience whenever you go for it……… Its really soothing atleast go 4 it once……m sure you wil get addicted to it 🙂

  4. i had my full body massage done first time last week.. it was pure bliss! i’ve never experienced anything so invigorating and liberating.. everyone should def try it!

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