The Benefits of Hula Hooping

The Benefits of Hula Hooping

hula hooping
Hula hooping has been considered a joyful play for centuries. Before a modern plastic hula hoop was successfully launched in the late fifties, it had been made of dried up willow, rattan, grapevines or even stiff grasses. Nowadays a hula hoop brings back childhood memories to many of us, but turns out it can be a brilliant exercise for grown-ups as well!

What’s so great about hula hooping?
If you are persistent and systematic, a hula hoop is a brilliant way to lose weight from your abdominal areas. To prevent the ring from falling on the floor you have to contract your muscles, which results in:
• Sliming your waist
• Getting rid of the “muffin tops”
• Reducing belly fat

Hula hooping also has beneficial influences on other parts of your body, such as:
• Toning your butt
• Toning your thighs
• Smoothing out cellulite
• Stimulating the blood circulation
• Strengthening your lower back
• Strengthening the intestines, preventing constipation
• Improving flexibility of the spine
• … and improving your mood! 🙂
The top thing about hula hooping is that it’s really fun and doesn’t require extreme physical effort. For example I always exercise while watching my favorite TV show, but you can also read a book or browse a fashion magazine. However, if you’re up for more intense training, put on some energetic music – it gives you a real kick!

How to do Hula hooping exercise?
First of all, you have to find a hula hoop that is right for you. The general rule is that the bigger you are, the bigger your ring should be. For some women even the kid-sized ones are fine – I bought mine in a children’s shop for Rs. 300. However, larger and heavier hoops rotate slower, making getting started much easier – if yours is too light, you can fill it with water or rice.

Push the hula hoop around your waist and shift your weight from one foot to another. If the ring keeps falling down, you can try another method; stand astride and move just your hips back and forth. Don’t move them in a circle with the hoop, as it actually makes it much more difficult. It’s very important to stay patient and don’t get discouraged!

The longer you hoop the more calories you burn. I always try to exercise at least 20 minutes a day, but a beginner should start with 5 minutes and then gradually increase time spent on the activity.

Tips for more advanced users
When you’re more experienced, getting a professional hula hoop from a sport store isn’t a bad idea. They often have special messaging balls attached – it’s supposed to give you better results, but keep in mind that you might get some bruises at first.

Moreover, you can also add more moves to your hooping. I usually march in place or squat to make this exercise even more effective for my thighs. If you want to focus on your arms, you can lift weights at the same time.

hula hoop

Hula hooping is a great way to burn calories and feel like a little girl again. To achieve better and faster results try to give up chocolate and eating late at night. You should see the effect soon.

I hope this was helpful. Happy hooping! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “The Benefits of Hula Hooping

  1. hi emily! thank you for you post. I have been struggling with my hula hoop since months now, i just can’t seem to get it right, should i rotate my hips anti clockwise to the rotation of the hoop? also the waist should be moved vertically from side to side…and really fast? the hoop keeps falling on my toes and hurting them cos it’s made of some really hard material. thank you again, really loved your post, it’s so inspiring, now if only i could get it right!!! :shame:

    1. Don’t worry, my friends also used to have this problem and they’re hooping now. It took them some time, though.
      You shouldn’t rotate your hips at all. Just stand astride and move them back and forth. Haha it’s quite hard to describe it, just check YouTube for “how to hula hoop” videos. Good luck! 🙂

  2. I desperately need to loose weight for health reasons emily…. thats such a great idea…thank you :puchhi: will def try this …..ur an angel O:)

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