6 Benefits of Losing Weight with Friends

If you are sitting down to set New Year’s resolution and want to achieve all your goals, keep your health as the top priority because that’s the foundation on which you can build all your dreams. Remember, health is wealth! People who fall into the overweight or obese category tend to be a higher risk of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, stroke, sleep apnea, joint pains, heart disease, etc. New year brings with it a lot of opportunities for a fresh start, and it’s a good time to decide to get lighter, healthier, and stronger by losing extra weight. It’s a common trend that a large percentage of people who start the year with full gust, lose the will power and motivation by February end. A study says that 22 per cent step down the weight loss wagon within six days into the New Year! Lack of motivation, not seeing any visible results, and shifting priorities are often cited as the main reasons, but there’s a sure-shot way to succeed – following diet plans on Rati Beauty and finding a diet buddy who is as gung-ho about shedding extra pounds. Weight loss is a process that needs patience and with a weight loss buddy, you are most likely to succeed. In this post, read about some amazing benefits of losing weight with a friend.

1. Set Goals Together: You both may have a different target to achieve but that shouldn’t deter you from pairing up together. What is important you are all trying to lose weight and setting goals together would inspire you to work towards a common goal and cheer each other all the way till goals are met. Also read: “8 Ways To Help a Loved One Lose Weight.”

2. Meal Prep Together for the Entire Week: Meal prepping is a fool-proof to ensure we are eating according to the diet plan, but meal prepping for the entire week, aka, peeling, cutting and chopping raw ingredients into separate boxes, is quite a task, and if you have got a buddy who is on the same diet plan, you can do it together, share the chores, find time to bond, and spend quality time while doing so. When you both have boxes of pre-packed ingredients in the refrigerator, it’s easier to follow the diet plan.

3. Hold Each Other Accountable: When you are in it together, you can encourage, motivate, and inspire each other to work on the diet and exercise routine.

4. Lesser Chance To Dropout: As we have mentioned above, there’s a large percentage of people who dropout within the first week of starting a weight loss diet, but getting support and encouragement from the diet buddy would make it so much harder to quit compared to if you were doing it alone.

5. Reward Each Other For Reaching Small Milestones: Celebrate every small achievement on the scale, and it should be a non-food based reward such as a salon or spa treatment together or new outfit that you both had been eyeing for long.

6. Workout Together: Rati Beauty has shown how you can lose oodles of weight with dieting and walking alone (no need to hit the gym with a vengeance). Going on long walks or doing workouts together would make sure there’s no slacking and you guys are physically active and burning extra calories. Also read: “12 Ways to Boost Metabolism To Burn Fat.”

Summing up, find yourself a diet buddy, convince your friend to become your diet buddy so that when one person thinks of quitting, the other one can persuade to not give up! You can try the diet plans on Rati Beauty app because they help lose overall weight as well inches off waist. Download the Rati Beauty app for more details.

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