Benefits of Hot Oil Treatment for Hair

I have a question to ask you all. Have you ever tortured your hair by teasing, blow drying, coloring, rebonding or styling by heat? If you have nodded your head even once then you have to give a try to hot oil treatment. Let’s read on to find more about this in today’s post.

What is a hot oil treatment?
This is a treatment in which you use different kind of oils and herbs and let them infuse in your hair. You can do it once a week with the oil of your choice preferably containing keratin. This is the kind of treatment that will solve all your hair woes and suits all hair types.

Benefits of hot oil treatment:
1. Reverse the damage done by hair styling methods
Don’t you use at least one method daily that plays havoc on your hair, be it teasing or blow drying. Oh yes! You do. But, If you are treating your hair regularly to hot oil treatment, your hair will say thank you by behaving the way you want 🙂 , no more bad hair days.

hot oil treatment

2. Prevents frizz
Frizzy hair is the most difficult thing to handle without any styling or shall I say abusing. Best way to get rid of that frizzy hair is to get a hot oil treatment without weighing down your hair.

3. Stimulates hair growth
Haven’t you always envied those girls with silky long tresses, well I have! Hot Oil Hair Treatment stimulates the growth of new hair that is thick and lustrous.

4. Protect against dandruff problems and dry scalp issues
This treatment also helps to solve all your dandruff and dry scalp problems by deep conditioning and intense moisturizing your scalp and every hair strand. This will also give immense shine to your tresses.

hot oil treatment

5. Mitigates the affect of hair dyes
Some of us must have used hair dyes in our life. They contain so many harmful chemicals which can really damage our hair in more ways than you can imagine. Regular hair oil treatment will protect your hair follicles from all the damage.

How to do hot oil hair treatment at home?
What you will need: oils of your choice, shower cap and towel.

1. Take the 5-6 tbsp of different oils of your choice. Take the oils in equal quantities. Heat them on a gas or in microwave depending upon your preference.

2. Add one to two drops of an essential oil to the bowl. Now this step is completely optional. If you just want the normal oils, they will work just fine. Then you do not need to add essential oils.
hot oil treatment

3. Stir the mixture with a spoon.
4. Remove this from the flame. Make sure the mixture is warm and not hot. Let it sit and then check on your wrist if it is comfortable to put on your scalp.
5. Slightly dampen your hair and apply the mixture with a brush or with fingers from roots to tips.
6. Cover with a shower cap. Then take a towel, rinse it in very warm water. Making sure your towel is not dripping any more, wrap your shower cap around with it.
hot oil treatment

7. Wait for an hour. You can remove the towel if you feel it getting cold but don’t remove the shower cap though.

8. Now after one hour, rinse your hair with warm water to give your hair an extra moisture boost. Now shampoo as usual until all hair is completely removed from your hair. You will not need to condition your hair.

How to choose oils?
Carrier oils:
Jojoba oil
This oil’s composition resembles the natural oil in our hair i.e. sebum. This oil is great to use individually or even with any essential oil of your choice. Oily hair problems can be tackled with using jojoba oil. It will leave your hair softer, shinier and more manageable.

Coconut oil

This oil suits all hair types. It strengthens the cuticle for stronger hair growth. Even your dandruff will be gone in no time with the regular use of coconut oil.

Castor oil
This oil is perfect for breakage prone hair. This oil is a bit drying. So all of you who has oily scalp and hair, this oil will work wonders for your hair type.

Avocado oil
If you have got dull and lifeless hair, then look no further. Start using this oil and see for yourself. This oil works best for dry scalp and frizzy hair.

Neem oil
It prevents hair loss and all your dandruff issues.

Sesame oil
It adds shine to your hair. It also helps slow down hair loss process and great in the treatment of thinning hair. This oil is great for all hair types.

Essential oils:
Tea tree oil
This oil stimulates healthy hair growth and is ideal for dry as well as oil hair.
Rose Hip Seed Oil
This oil has Vitamin A and is great for dry, lifeless and damaged hair.

hot oil treatment

Special note:

  • If you want even more benefits from hot oil treatment, you can also add some herbs to the mixture and let them infuse their benefits into the oil.
  • For moisturizing: you can use chamomile, lavender or dried rose petals.
  • To stimulate hair growth: peppermint, ginger or cinnamon works best.
  • Strengthening of hair follicles: you can use chamomile or horsetail.

Do give this treatment a try ladies, if any of you has do share the results! If you have got any questions you can ask in the comments section. Would love to help. 🙂

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  5. While doing these hot oil treatments, the oil never completely comes off my hair….so how many times should shampooing be done?

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