Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide

A Little More of Oxygen!

Hey beauties… Hope you all are doing well.

Today I am writing to let you all know of a very useful product. And by useful, I mean “REALLY USEFUL”. Period. 🙂
It is hydrogen peroxide! Hydrogen Peroxide with the chemical formula of H2O2 has that extra oxygen as compared to water H2O.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Now tell me, which living creature can’t do without that extra oxygen. 🙂

Here I am going to list a few of the many uses of H2O2. But let me first tell you how I got to know about this really simple product and its enormous uses. I was recently suffering from a really bad acne attack. I had tried all means of getting rid of them, dermatologist visits and all possible homemade remedies. But they just wouldn’t go!

Then one day, my husband made a statement which stuck in my mind. He said “try mouthwash on your acne. If it can kill bacteria in your mouth then why not on your skin.” At first I laughed it out, but then that very night I applied some mouthwash on only the areas where I was getting acne. Yeah, I was desperate to get rid of them. And to my surprise, the next morning my acne had subsided. I applied it for few more days and now I am happy to say that I have found a really effective way of getting rid of my stubborn acne. After reading the ingredients of the mouthwash and researching a bit on Google, I found that it was Hydrogen Peroxide that did the trick. Off I went to the store and bought a bottle of 3% H2O2. Actually I got two of them just for $1.99.

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So here is how you can make use of this healing miracle. But first, a disclaimer. There are contradicting reports of using H2O2. But diluting 3% H2O2 with water should not do much harm with irregular use. I am no expert, I am just letting you all know of my experience and general uses. Be sure to test it out before you make full use of it.

1. Whiten your white laundry – can be used instead of bleach
2. Whiten your teeth – use as a mouthwash

3. Sanitize your toothbrush – soak your toothbrush to kill germs
4. Sanitize kitchen and bathroom surfaces
5. Kill fingernail and toe fungus
6. Help plants grow healthier – It is this hydrogen peroxide in rainwater that makes it so much more effective than tap water when given to plants. Mix with tap water while watering plants.
7. Clear up skin acne – Use diluted 3% H2O2. I recommend not using regularly on skin.
8. Whiten skin tone – Yes it really does!
9. Cure infections or cuts – Its antiseptic and antibacterial properties help in curing bruises.

Hope these few tips are useful to you. But remember to use it diluted ONLY and never should you consume it. Also it should be stored in a dark closed bottle and in a dark place.

Do let me know when you try it out.

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29 thoughts on “Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide

    1. you get it at all chemists and regular cosmetic stores… hydrogen peroxide is widely used for pedicures… you get a small bottle for 10-20 bucks only! i regularly use in the pedicure water!
      nice post Pooja:)

  1. very useful post dear……
    i used it as a teeth-whitener. i use it on my toothpaste instead of water to make the brush moist. my dentist had recommended it.

    1. did u use concentrated one for making the brush moist Somreeta? n ya wonderful article pooja ! can’t thank u enough! 🙂 i thought it was used only during pedicures and manicures :-/

        1. Aparajita, it was almost 9…10 years back. so, i dont remember if it was conc or dilute. im sure if u go and tell the chemist, dat u wanna use it for teeth, he wil give u the 1 right fr yu. 🙂

          Ritu, its very simple. take the brush, wet the bristles with H2O2, put the toothpaste and again a few drops of H2O2 n it. then brush as usual. dats it. 🙂

  2. it is very cheap costwise.
    It iss used as ear drops to soften the ear wax.So through the ear buds wax can be removed easily without any pain.

  3. Hi….i wud like to tell here that great dermatologists like dr.leslie bauman have recently found that oxygen as a molecule cant penetrate your skin. So this noway works by increasing oxygen delivery to the skin. Instead hydrogen peroxide generates oxygen free radicals in your skin that kills newly formed cells, hence giving a little acne relief for a while. But will consequently cause ageing of your might like to read what wikipedia says about hydrogen peroxide

  4. so im the only one here whoz been livin under a rock!!!never knew this was used for pedicures even….dat was a really informative post poojat….but i share dr rashmi’s concern-is it not harmful to use this(even the diluted version) on facial skin??

  5. Although hydrogen peroxide is okay for rough areas like your feet and kitchen shelves, i would like to add that it is not safe to use it on teeth unsupervised. I use it on my patients rarely in the hospital too.
    Hydrogen peroxide is harmful if it comes in contact with the oral tissues and gums and can cause ulcerations also.

  6. While it might me ok to use hydrogen peroxide on rough areas like feet and kitchen shelves, let me please tell you’ll not to use it unsupervised on your face and teeth. I use it very rarely on my patients too in the hospital. Yes, it does whiten teeth, but also causes damage to the oral tissues n gums.

  7. Nice review pooja.
    I would like to add one more use 🙂 of H2O2. I was very badly suffering from hair fall due to chlorinated water at hyderabad. One of my friend suggested me to add add just that bottle cap of it for a bucket of water. And I am using it regularly, and see good results. You can also try this.

  8. @Rashmi ans @Swati – I totally agree with you. And as I said I am no expert. I have just mentioned what worked for me. And I even dilute the 3% H2O2 and do not use it regularly.As I have mentioned in my post there are contradicting views on use of H2O2. Thanks for the info though…

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