Benefits of Steaming Your Face

Steaming was never a part of my beauty regime. I applied face pack twice or thrice a week, but never considered steaming until I became an ardent follower of IMBB. Here ladies have stressed again and again on the importance of steaming the face for a clean and young looking skin.

Benefits of Steaming Your Face

I didn’t know the method or pros and cons of steaming. I did a thorough research and thought that may be my gathered knowledge will be of some help to other ignorant beauties like me (if there is any that is)!!

Steaming was a very important part of the beauty regime of women of ancient Greece and Rome. Today, it is done from every hi-end spa to our local auntie’s parlour and can be done even at the privacy of your own home. It is known to open the pores of the skin and unclog all the hidden impurities to allow the skin breath more freely, thus revealing a fresh and radiant skin.

Benefits of Steaming:

  • It increases blood circulation which in turn increases the flow of oxygen and other nutrients to the facial tissues.
  • The mist that forms on our skin is actually perspiration that pushes the accumulated dirt, debris and dead skin hidden beneath which cannot be removed by the superficial cleansing we do daily using face wash or cleansing milk.
  • It loosens up the unsightly and stubborn blackheads and whiteheads and helps to remove them easily.
  • Steaming aids in shedding the dead skin on the outer surface of the skin and reveals a fresh and young looking skin.

Facial Sauna

Face Steaming Guidelines at Home:

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  • 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius) is the ideal temperature for face steaming.
  • Before steaming, clean your face of any makeup or dirt, so that the impurities within can be released freely.
  • Facial steamers are quite inexpensive and can be easily purchased from both online and offline stores.
  • In the absence of a facial steamer, it can be simply done using a bowl of boiling water.
  • Tie back your hair neatly and with the help of a thick towel, form a tent for your head as well as the bowl.
  • You may add some herbs like neem, mint, tulsi or lime leaves or a few drops of your favourite aromatic oil.
  • Bow over the pot and steam for about five to ten minutes. If you feel uncomfortable, you may always remove your towel for some fresh air.
  • Follow it up with mild exfoliation using a rough towel or a baby toothbrush and apply ice-cold face pack of your choice.
  • In case you are not in a mood or don’t have enough time for a face pack, apply ice cubes on the skin so as to bring down the temperature of the skin.


Some Statutory Warnings:

  • Don’t overdo with the steaming. It should be done for at most once or twice a month that too for seven to ten minutes. Excessive steaming may dry the skin and make it wrinkly.
  • Check the temperature of the water beforehand. Too much hot water may scald the skin (ouch!!).
  • Start slowly, too much heat may break the capillaries of the skin and lead to skin sagging.
  • It is not advised for broken or pimply skin though. If at all you want to experience the soothing effect of steaming, heal your skin first and then enjoy a nice warm facial steam.

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36 thoughts on “Benefits of Steaming Your Face

  1. I am actually steaming alternate days in the evening before applying my night cream…really helps in removing the impurities and dead skin cells..nice article!

    1. Ambica, when we steam our face, the temperature of our skin rises and the pores open up. to nullify that and to close the pores, we must use a cold facepack or rub ice.

  2. Its not advisable for acne ? :'( I didn’t know that! I just steamed my face!! Sometimes it helps in making my whiteheads disappear :'( Thanks!

  3. thanks for the reminder. definitely one of my activities this weekend 🙂 i have done it in the past and it has helped to a large extent. should definitely incorporate it more into my cleansing regime.

  4. I thought steaming helped acne riddled skin like mine! and so I enthusiastically did it for three nights In a row for 10 min each and now my skin has some more very visible big pimples on it. don’t know If it was because of this or some other reasons :'( :'(

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