Best and Worst Hand and Foot Cream 2013

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List down your favourite and not so hand and foot cream for 2013. 

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11 thoughts on “Best and Worst Hand and Foot Cream 2013

  1. best is definitely sally hansen hand cream and also crabtree and evelyn hand creams 🙂 worst none because i tried only these two 🙂

  2. Best Hand cream: Fabindia lemon Intensive cream….works well.
    worst hand cream: Vaseline one. smells yuck.

    Best Foot cream: VLCC pediglow foot cream…smells heavenly. I also like to dab some cotton with olive oil and apply on my feet….it makes them really soft.
    Worst foot cream: Again vaseline heel repair cream. It just doesnt do anything!

  3. Best Hand cream : Bath & Body Works -True Blue Spa and all others in the same range . *nails* *nails*

    Best Foot Cream: Vlcc and Bath & body Works Hands Down!! *happy dance*

    Worst: have never tried any other. *nonono*

  4. I liked sally hansen hand cream, westside in house brands hand cream and loccitane pure shea butter. Didnot like the neutrogena one much coz it’s very very sticky… Not that it is the worst… Just my personal opinion…

  5. Best hand cream : the body shop hemp hand cream
    Best foot cream : the body shop hemp foot protector
    These 2 really worked well in the harsh colorado winters..I am using them again

  6. The best hand cream : TBS almond hand and nail cream..besides smooth hands,it made my nails shine
    Best foot cream : himalaya coz it does what it claims..repaired my cracked heels in just 3 days

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