Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips for Women in their 40s + Product Recommendations

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Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips for Women in their 40s + Product Recommendations

Previously, I had shared skincare tips for teenagers and women in their 30s. Today I am here with some useful skin care tips for our ladies who fall in the category of 40s. Many of you might fall in this age group or have some women in your lives from the same cadre. This article will answer all your unresolved queries.

Our skin demands different things at different times. When we enter our 40s, the fine lines that starts to appear in our 30s get deepened and start converting into more prominent wrinkles. Skin looks dull and uneven due to lack of moisture and hydration.

Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips:

• We need a stronger skin care regime to fight those increasing wrinkles. Using products rich in retinoids.

Hyper pigmentation starts showing in the form of blemishes and dark spots. Extra protection is needed by the skin at this time. Use a good sun protectant to save your skin from the harsh UV rays. Adding an umbrella and shades along with a sunscreen is recommended.
anti aging cream

• Replenish your skin by using products containing high antioxidants and collagen building
ingredients like peptides.

• Use a gentle cleanser throughout the day. A non-foaming cleanser is preferable as it does not dry out the skin further.

• Use a mild exfoliator to get off the flaking dead skin caused by using retinol. Milk mixed with oatmeal also works well for this purpose.
mild exfoliator

• Oil production reduces by this age, so skin demands extra moisture now. Use a good quality moisturizer immediately after washing your face to prevent dryness.

• Use a moisturizer containing high levels of glycerin or hyaluronic acid to help the skin retain more moisture.

• Include an antioxidant serum in your daily routine.

• Do not forget your night time cleansing routine followed by an eye and night cream.

• Drink enough water and get plenty of sound sleep as it reduces the stress level and you wake up with a glowing skin.
proper sleep

Some Product Recommendations:

skin care products

Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser
Olay Regenerist Cream Cleanser
Organic Surge Anti-Ageing Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser

Olay Total Effects 7 in One Cream + Serum Duo
L’Oreal Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Day Cream
Jergens Age Defying Multi-Vitamin Moisturizer

Revlon Age Defying Deep Re-shaping Face and Contour Serum
Lancome Visionnaire Serum
Olay Total Effects Anti-Ageing Eye Cream
Forest Essentials Tejasvi Night Emulsion
Olay Regenerist Night Firming Cream
Kaya Brightening and Firming Intense Clarify HD Eye Serum

Our skin requires extra care as we grow old. Following a simple regime with not too many products will keep you looking youthful for a longer duration.

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