10 Best BB and CC Creams for College Going Girls

BB and CC Creams have come a long way since they were launched in the market. Everyone loves them and why not? They are a perfect blend of foundation and regular creams and perfectly fit in our day to day makeup wear requirements. BB and CC Creams are also very popular among the college going girls. And, we have got various BB and CC Creams in the market with different features and properties. Some of them offer sun protection whereas some are known to control oil and some are extremely long-lasting on your skin. So, the benefits are immense.

10 Best BB and CC Creams for College Going Girls

Thus, let’s have a look at some of the best BB and CC Creams for college going girls.

1. Physician’s Formula Super Beauty Balm Cream

This BB cream is perfect for sensitive skin girls. And, college going girls get breakouts quite easily owing to their lifestyle and eating habits. Thus, this BB Cream is quite perfect for them. This has a paraben and fragrance free formulae with a sun protection of SPF 30. The coverage is also buildable and provides opaque coverage in minimum quantity.

2. La Roche-Posay Rosalic CC Cream

10 Best BB and CC Creams for College Going Girls La Roche Posay

The CC Cream is extremely lightweight and perfect for everyday usage on your skin. This is super blendable and thus can be used extensively in the upcoming summers. It has a sun protection of SPF 30 and the cream is hydrating on the skin.

3. Aveeno Clear Complexion BB Cream

This is a lightweight BB Cream which is known to conceal current breakouts. And, the BB cream does not clog the pores and thus your skin will breathe quite easily with this cream. The cream contains soy complex formulae which is extremely effective in clearing old acne marks from your skin.

4. Lakme Complexion Care CC Cream

10 Best BB and CC Creams for College Going Girls Lakme

It is one of the earliest CC Creams in the market. The cream comes in 2 shades, one for the lighter skin tone and the other for the darker skin tone. The cream is heavy in weight and thus you need to use only a very small quantity on your face. It blends into the skin and provides a brighter look. It conceals minor flaws of your skin.

5. Pond’s White Beauty BB + Fairness Cream

A favourite foundation for many college going girls and the results are innumerable. Firstly, it fits under the budget and the foundation keeps your skin hydrated for a very long time. This brightens your skin and gives a healthy skin appearance.

6. Faces Correct and Care Cream

10 Best BB and CC Creams for College Going Girls Faces

This is a perfect every day wear cream which gives medium to buildable coverage on your face. The cream hides minor imperfections and comes with a sun protection of SPF 20 for your skin. It also helps in controlling breakouts and thus, the cream is great for dry and breakout-prone skin.

7. The Body Shop All-in-One BB Cream

This is one of the few BB creams which is known to benefit your skin in numerous ways. The BB cream hydrates your skin and controls the facial oil. It is also quite breathable on your skin and sets into an even matte finish which lasts throughout the day.

8. Maybelline Dream Pure 8 in 1 BB Cream for oily Skin

10 Best BB and CC Creams for College Going Girls Maybelline

This is one of the best BB creams for oily skinned beauties. The BB cream controls oil and sweat on your skin throughout the day. It is super lightweight on face and has only 2% salicylic acid. It is also known to control breakouts and the BB Cream sets into an even finish on the skin.

9. It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+

This is a super blendable CC cream which does the work of foundation, moisturizer and cream all-in-one. It is lightweight and also allows your pores to breathe easily on the skin. This has a paraben-free formulae.

10. By Terry Cellularose Moisturising CC Cream in Natural

10 Best BB and CC Creams for College Going Girls By Terry

The CC cream is rich in many skin care ingredients, and thus this is one of the few makeup products which benefits your skin while providing coverage at the same time. It has a beautiful smell of rose and the CC cream contains tiny shimmer particles which brings glow to your face. It is super hydrating on your skin as well.

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