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Tina Tisha asks:

Hi IMBB Team,

This is inspired by the article by Rati on 8 essentials for working women. Please be kind enough to answer my two questions.

1. Which is the best BB cream available in the Indian market. I am looking for medium coverage, moisturising and something that blends easily.
2. Which all things go into a eyebrow kit. TBS local store does not have an eyebrow kit. I don’t see many online and online would not get me to test it. So, can I assemble somethings to get a eyebrow kit.

rati beauty diet plans



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21 thoughts on “Best BB Cream Available in Indian Market: Ask IMBB

  1. Garnier medium coverage is what i use..!!

    btw to which email address we should sent stuff so that the qs comes in “ASK IMBB ” section.. *secret* *secret* *secret*

  2. Hey, Garnier BB Cream works wonders. Medium coverage, moisturizing and even protects from tanning to an extend. *happydance*

  3. Heyyy i like the maybelline bb cream and garnier one too *clap* garnier will not provide much coverage and maybelline will give you a good coverage.. *haan ji* *haan ji* n maybelline has 3 shades and garnier just one shade *cry*

  4. i agree maybelline bb stick rocks and with the goodness of salisylic acid it makes the perfect choice for those with acne prone skin.

  5. m usin garnier BB cream frm 3 mnths now….it has a medium shade n z great fr m…n also it has 15 spf…m in love wid it

  6. Anyone with oily skin using bb cream ? Which one keeps oil free and matte for a long time … Light to medium coverage will do .

  7. Oily skin go for ponds bb cream
    trust me it worth it.
    i am using the same since the time it is been reviewed and really i am loving it *pompom* and i have combination to oily skin and which becomes more oily in summer
    you can try their smaller version,which costs around i guess 96 INR

  8. maybelline bb stick is the way to is so light weight n gives u a nice shine free, natural finish.also packaging is the best among all other bb creams in the market *powder*

  9. Garnier it is for me as it does not break me out. Though I’ve tried hard to find Deborah Milano BB cream but every SA gives me strange looks every time I mention this brand..they say they’ve never heard of it!

  10. Hi,
    Thanks for putting in the question and thanks for the answers. Maybelline BB stick did not work for me. I think I will have to chose one from Garneir or Ponds.
    Surabhi – which TBS BB cream did u try. The All in One or the White Shiso one.

  11. I have really sensitive skin and though Ponds BB cream gives good coverage and is light, it gave me break outs !! So i dunno.. will try out the garnier one.

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