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Shwetha Asks:

Which is the best liquid eyeliner, which is darkest black and lasts long, with matte finish?

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37 thoughts on “Best Black Liquid Eyeliner : Ask IMBB

  1. Lakme Lakme Lakme…don’t know if it’s matte – it’s not glossy naa when it dries…sighhhh…I never manage to buy ever..either it’s not there at the counter or I pick up nail polish instead of the liner by mistake and come!!! Anyways..I like the Lakme liner…cheap and best 😀 :thanks:

  2. i am totally for Elle 18 also. at 60 bucks, it’s a pretty cool deal. takes a bit of time to dry so gotta wait for a few mins. Would be a good idea in this case to apply the eyeliner first and then do the rest of the eye makeup

  3. According to me its the maybelline ultra liner.I love both the black as well as brown shades,black one is dark black and looks fab on both lower as well as upper lid. :thumbsup:

  4. personally i just love the gala eyeliner….its the blackest of the black I have ever come across….but it has a lot of problem…its doesn’t stay very very long…plus it is not waterproof….so i shifted to the lakme eye artist…but the results were not that great…then t present it is avon one…results are fine…..still its not the best…i m looking for that one eyeliner which is the blackest of the black & which lasts for long & which does not feel heavy on the eyes….any suggestions???? :methinks: ?:)

    1. Dimpi try the gel liners, i recently got maybelline gel liner and i am more than happy with the result. It doesnt smudge, is jet black and waterproof as well.

        1. hey thanx all for the suggestions :thanks: …will definitely try the maybelline gel liner :thumbsup: …havent tried any gel liners as of now… ?:)

  5. For me its always.. Lakme Insta Liner Jet Black.. Am using that from 2004 to till date 😉 .. In between i ll use my eye pencils also :pigtail: .. Got to know much about Eye pencils from IMBB :puchhi:

    1. S. I use the same shade, midnight moon. It is long lasting, smudge proof and water resistant too. itz jus gr8.
      But it is not the blackest of the black.

  6. For me its Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner . it has a glossy finish and the longest i have worn is 17 hrs even on my oily lids!! its very dark and is also considered one of the best drugstore liquid eyeliners.

  7. i have used lakme a lot n now i hav the Vov one which is cheap, waterproof n jet black :thumbsup: .. but now i use the gel liners.. they r better than the liquid ones :yes: :yes:

  8. I tried ot the Elle 18 and Lakme ones…they’re pretty good…but I’m waiting for a brainwave before I actually buy a liquid liner for myself. 😆

  9. I am going to vote for Elle18.. :teddy: at such low price its too good..except the wand applicator… :waiting: :scream: i use an eyeliner brush instead of using that. :toothygrin:

    1. hey good hands always shake while putting the eyeliner so have to do tons of adjusting. whew finally have a solution :jalwa:

  10. in liquid liner its lakme my oll time favrt n in gel liner my recent purchase elf studio gel liner its just awesome :yahoo: :yahoo: its jet black n easy to wear.. :teddy: :teddy:

  11. Stila gel liner in black… It’s matte and very very black.. and lakme jewel liner in onyx. I love it so much and its going to get over soon and I’m sad now

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