7 Best Bleach Creams for Sensitive Skin

Many of us like to use bleach on our skin. Bleaching helps to make the unwanted hair appear less visible. It also fades the dark spots. There are so many bleach creams available in the market but most of them have strong formulas which might not suit sensitive skin. So in today’s post, let’s talk about best bleach for sensitive skin.

bleaching cream

Fem Turmeric Herbal Fairness Cream Bleach

This is dermatologically-tested and is free of ammonia. It is a herbal bleach which is great for sensitive skin. It comes with turmeric and milk which together help to remove dead skin cells and suntan, lighten skin tone and give healthy fairness. It actually gives a subtle glow to the face and helps to remove tan from the face.

Oxy Life Natural Radiance 5 Creme Bleach

Oxylife Bleach is ammonia-free and is filled with the goodness of oxygen. It has the oxygen technology which gives a boost to your dull and tired skin. The beach is really mild on the skin and helps to get rid of tan, dark spots, uneven skin tone and dull skin.

Nature’s Essence Fruit Fun Fairness Bleach

As I myself have sensitive skin, I started out with this bleach only. It is a fruit bleach which is mild on the skin. It provides instant brightness with single-use and provides a fresher look to your face. It comes with a face cream too which is also really hydrating and nourishing.


Jolen Mild Cream Bleach

It is suitable for all types of skin. It will help to give you that hair-free look. It improves skin fairness, diminishes age signs, hyper-pigmentation and gives you a younger look with timely and regular usage.

VLCC Insta Glow Herbal Bleach

It is again a herbal bleach which is soothing on the skin. It is enriched with herbal extracts of cucumber, seaweed and tomato that act as the vital nutrients for the skin. This herbal bleach not only bleaches facial hair to perfectly match the skin tone but also deep cleanses the skin of all the impurities.

03+ Meladerm Vitamin C Gel Bleach

This bleach is free of peroxides and provides the perfect balance of hydration to your skin. The key ingredient of the gel bleach is Vitamin C which boosts collagen production and keeps the skin youthful. It is gel based which lightens the skin and facial hair effectively.

Nature’s Essence Lacto Bleach

If you have sensitive skin which tans easily then this is the product for you. This product gives you an instant glow and brightness to your face. It is hassle-free and easy to use. You just need this single cream to apply on your face whenever you feel your skin getting tanned!

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