Best Colorbar Lip Glosses to Choose From

Best Colorbar Lip Glosses to Choose From

Today’s post is about the best shades from Colorbar for all gloss lovers,I love creamy lp glosses and they have some amazing creamy opaque lip glosses as well as sheer shimmer ones, as far as this post is concerned, this is all my favorite and indeed the best ones they have,so gloss lovers take a look.


ColorBar Star Shine Lip Gloss Pink Kiss

“Pink Kiss is a cool toned pink lip gloss with fine silver shimmer. It has a mauve touch to it. I generally don’t feel comfortable wearing mauve shades as they make my lip looks darker. The lipgloss is quite pigmented. It is not opaque but at the same time is not very sheer either. The texture is very smooth and very slightly sticky. I don’t like super sticky glosses. It has a sweet vanilla candy like taste and smell. Not very strong or something that would bother you.”


Colorbar True Shine Lip Gloss – Starlit

These are out and out shimmer glosess, these have very little color but all shine and shimmer and so wearing them alone does not appeal to me at all! I think these are best used over a lipstick, and on their own they impart barely any color or shape to the lips, which is much needed in my case.


Colorbar Star Metal Lip Gloss – Seductress

The shade I bought is called Seductress-006. It’s a light pink shade with slight peach undertone. It has fine shimmers which are almost invisible when applied on to the lips. It is a tinted lip gloss, so it does not cover any pigmentation on the lips (if any). It just gives a nice shine to the lips.


Colorbar True Lip Gloss – Coral Craving

Coral Craving is a bold neon-ish orange color. It would look really good on pale skin tones and to some extent on wheatish skin tones. A lot depends on how to apply the rest of your makeup and what you wear. It would not compliment the dusky skin tones. If you find it difficult to wear it, you can tone it down by applying it lightly or by pursing your lips after the application. Personally, I find it very difficult to carry off this color, sometimes it looks very sassy and sometimes it looks over the top even when the rest of my makeup is neutral.


Colorbar True Gloss-Bitten Red

it is insanely pigmented, luscious but does not bleed, stays on forever and you need very little, but what is the one single issue I have with it? It leaves behind a stain! Since it is so red, I am ready to give it a benefit of doubt and say that it leaves an obvious red stain which I remove using a wet makeup-removing wipe. So far so good. Since it is so creamy and saucy, it is obvious that it would transer on to cups etc. which is fine by me.


Colorbar True Gloss Lip Gloss – Orange Sunset

I liked it with just one swipe, even though it did not stay for a long time. These 2-3 swipes stayed for like 3 hours and then the colour started to fade a lot, but when I applied the gloss with the wand, it started settling into fine lines. Those fine lines were looking darker than my lips.

orange sunset

Colorbar True Lip Gloss – Pink Stain

Pink Stain is a bold neonish pink color. It would look good on pale to wheatish skin tone. It would not compliment the dusky skin tones. Having said that, I still feel it is a tricky color and a lot depends on how you carry it off. My suggestion would be, tone down the rest of your makeup, possibly go neutral to avoid looking made up or over the top.


Colorbar True Gloss-Vintage Rose

The color is very deep and you could use it as a satin too honestly i have one tip to give to avoid the stain and that is to wear it over a lip pencil. Apply a pink or nude lip pencil all over your lips and then apply this and spread, this reduces the eminent stain. The color really brightens the face up and I will recommend this to fair to medium skin tones with pink undertones, skin tones with yellow undertones can skin this totally.


Colorbar Star Shine Lip Gloss-Bewitch

The Star Shine Lip Gloss is a sheer gloss with glitter that gives the lips a sheen and look of liquid diamonds. It makes the lips look fuller and more enhanced. The Star Shine Lip Gloss is ideal for night and party wear and can be used alone or over a lipstick and is further accentuated with a matching lipstick or lip liner.


Colorbar True Gloss Lip Gloss – Fresh Pink

. The applicator picks up the right amount of product. I usually require to dip the applicator twice in the bottle for complete, opaque coverage. Fresh Pink is a very pretty, candy pink color. I am a fan of candy pink colors, so I love this color. This color might wash out dusky complexions. It will suit fair skin tones the best. Fresh Pink isn’t completely opaque as its counterpart “Nectar Orange” and isn’t as bright as that. It requires two swipes for complete opaque coverage.


Colorbar Star Shine Lip Gloss Sensation

The color is not at all opaque and doesn’t cover pigmentation of the lips. The color itself is not at all pigmented. A single swatch or swipe doesn’t give red color at all. Because of its sheer coverage and healthy glow, it can be used easily in the day time and can be used casually for office and college. It can be used over lipsticks to get a nice glow and a tinge of red.


Colorbar Star Shine Lipgloss-Bare Truth

The color is to die for. It is a nude pinky brown with fine silver shimmer to it, and for the first time I love shimmer! The color shows up true on the lips and the shimmer is very subtle, so much so that it could be called a nude gloss.For me it gives the right amount of color to the face and still feels glossy glam,the gloss is shiny but not over the top. I love the color! It makes for a great nude gloss or something to glam up your mattes.Slightly pigmented lips can make this work but I dont suggest this one for pigmented lips.

So ladies, which ones have you tried? I am sure you love their true glosses as well, as for me, I love their bare truth shade as a nude gloss and on top of lippies too, they have some amazing shades in True Gloss.

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  3. Pink stain and bitten red are so beautiful! I am definitely hunting them down. But I am in such a lipstick phase these days! 🙂

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