8 Best Day Creams for Regular Use

By Manali Gokani

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I am back with another post, which is about the creams that can be used regularly. It is quite necessary to keep our skin protected on an everyday basis. Regular use of creams on a daily basis is essential to keep our skin hydrated too. When you walk in to buy a cream, you get a wide range of skin products you can choose from. The selection of creams that are suitable for your skin depends on various factors, such as the skin type, age, ingredients etc. It also depends on the city you live in and the environment you’re exposed to every day. I have covered various creams that are suitable for regular use here.

Best Day Creams for Regular Use

Dove Silky Nourishment Body Cream for Normal Skin

dove silky cream

This product is for normal skin and helps in achieving proper nourishment, which is required by your skin. It works well for normal to dry skin, however is not that great for oily skin. It is known for its DeepCare Complex, which contains the necessary amount of nutrients and essential oils. It leaves your skin soft and moisturized.

Nivea Crème

It is suitable for all skin types during all the seasons but works best for dry to very dry skin. It is an excellent moisturizer that is very good for regular use and has no side effects. It is travel and budget-friendly and is one of the first skin creams that were available in India. Also, it is a gender neutral cream that leaves your skin smooth and soft.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion

cetaphil lotion

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It is the best when it comes to acne-prone skin and sensitive skin. It works well for complicated skin that is oily in some parts and dry in some. It also has a complementary cleansing lotion for acne prone skin, and both products deliver excellent results when combined together.

Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin

It works well for sensitive skin and also for skin having acne. You can also apply the Neutrogena Oil-Free Sunscreen after the moisturizer. They are perfect for the Indian weather.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream

the body shop vitamin e moiture cream

This product is rich in Vitamin E; it protects and hydrates your face well. The cream is light and gets absorbed quickly without being greasy. It works for all skin types. The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream leaves the skin soft and healthy.

Lakme Complexion Care Cream

Lakme Complexion Cream is a dual purpose cream which works as a cream and a sunscreen both. It helps in protecting the skin from harmful UV rays and is SPF 30 certified. It also helps in achieving an even tone but if you have an oily skin it might get greasy.

L’Oreal Paris Anti Imperfections Plus Whitening Cream for 20+

loreal whitening cream

This cream is formulated with Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C which not only lighten the skin but also provide anti-aging benefits together. It works well for all skin types but would not recommend it for dry skin.

VLCC Honey Moisturiser

vlcc honey moisturiser

It is enriched with honey extracts and other essential oils. It is light since it is water-based. It is reasonable and has a pleasant smell. Also, you need a small amount of the product and it spreads well. However, you may need a sun protection product as it does not have SPF. Overall, it’s a good moisturizer.

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