6 Best Deodorants to Stop Sweating

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I am sure that summers bring a plethora of problems, but some problems just get worse. Sweating is a perennial problem in a humid country like India and if you have overactive sweat glands like mine, I am sure you are at the receiving end of loads of issues. Body odor, stained clothes, slimy feeling, and uneasiness — sweating causes so many embarrassing situations. A quick solution is to use a good deodorant. Not just any random sweet-smelling deodorant, you need the one that can prevent sweating. These anti-perspirant deos can keep sweat at bay for long hours and make you smell fresh all day. Here, I have listed some of the best deodorants to stop sweating. Read on and take your pick.

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1. Sure Dry Shield Deodorant Roll On:


The brand Sure has become unanimous with anti-perspirants by delivering long-lasting protection against sweat and odor. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best-selling deodorants. With its unique combination of active ingredients, Sure offers innovative body-responsive sweat and odor protection as you need it, keeping you physically and mentally cool. The Dry Shield range has different deos including Passion, Free Spirit, etc. Completely recommend their roll-ons for the freshness they impart.

2. Secret Clinical Strength Advanced Solid Deodorant:


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Often hailed as the best anti-perspirant for women, this deo works wonders even if you are a heavily sweating person. With the use of this product, sweat does not stand a chance. It keeps you dry all day long. This is not a heavily scented deodorant, but it works by controlling sweat production. It does have a very faint scent of freshly washed clothes. It’s not your usual perfumed scent of flowers and other scent mixes, but it is a very clean and crisp scent.

3. Nivea Anti-Perspirant Fresh Natural Roll On:


If there’s a brand that you should rely on for fresh fragrance and long-lasting sweat protection, it’s Nivea. This Fresh Natural roll-on gives you effective protection against body odor. ‘Roll on freshness, rule out body odor.’ The optimal combination gives 48-hour protection against body odor, and Nivea’s mild care provides a fresh feeling throughout the day. In fact, Nivea offers different ranges of deodorant sprays and roll-ons for different concerns including dark underarms, body odor and sweating.

4. Dove Invisible Dry Anti-perspirant Deodorant Roll On:

Dove Invisible Dry Roll On

Dove offers so many gentle yet effective products for women. Among them, are Invisible Dry Anti-Perspirant roll-ons which are guaranteed to keep you dry and odor free. The 24-hour sweat proof formula helps you to feel comfortable throughout the day, and it surely doesn’t leave any marks and traces on your clothes. Truly invisible and indispensable!

5. The Body Shop White Musk Anti-Perspirant Deodorant:


TBS products are loved by all and not without good reasons. This deodorant leaves skin feeling fresh for almost 24 hours. The USP is that it smells divinely of white musk that lingers on for close to a day. The quick drying roll on has a gentle and calming effect on sensitive skin. It also keeps skin soft and hydrated.

6. Suave 24 Hour Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Invisible Solid Powder:


Suave 24-hour protection anti-perspirant comes in a solid stick form which becomes invisible and dry on application. It glides easily on the skin and just two swipes are sufficient for full day protection. Once applied, it causes no irritation on the skin and neither feels heavy nor uncomfortable. And it does control sweat to a great extent and gives you a light powdery fresh smell.

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