Best Faces Canada Lipsticks Available in India

Best Faces Canada Lipsticks Available in India

I think Faces makes some really nice and versatile ranges of lipsticks, matte, long last and pocket friendly ones too, most of us own a lipstick or two from Faces and hence I thought why not show the best ones which I think are worth a try, the colors are amazing,something for everyone..

Faces Canada Lipstick

Faces Canada Satin Matte Lipstick: Jazz Berry Jam

jazz berry jam

This shade is a pink, a little deeper pink, and not berry as the name suggests. Its creamy, no shimmer, no frost and no glaze, but glossy, yes! The lipstick is a bit too creamy this time and I know its on the verge of breaking down as it is already shaking inside the tube just after one use. The lipstick is so creamy that it actually renders a layer of creamy color and not just a hint. The lipstick is very prone to melting as this time this shade is creamier than the others, Berry Brown especially.

Faces Canada Moisture Rich Lipstick: Pink Wine

faces pink wine lipstick

The texture is thick (picture Maybelline Moisture Extreme two times thicker and creamier), but I honestly think the lipstick gets a little sticky because of the creaminess and heavy texture and pigmentation. First Lady was even worse, but this feels less stickier and glides on like butter. I am so impressed with this lipstick because of the pigmentation, texture, smoothness and most importantly, the volume and fullness it gives to my lips (no its not a plumping lipstick). The texture is soft and very moisturising, and a dry lip girl’s dream. The lipstick instantly smooths out fine lines and chapped lips making it supple and voluminous and your pout is in place for another three to four hours.

Faces Canada Moisture Lipstick – First Lady

faces first lady lipstick

Its so heavy and thick and very pigmented which is good and I do like thicker lipsticks over the lighter ones, but you can’t afford to swipe it more than once in case of this lipstick as its too heavy and pigmented.

Faces Canada Satin Matte Lipstick Mulberry

faces canada mulberry lipstick

Enriched with Vitamin E and extracts of raw mango butter for skin repair against climatic change. Super stay, easy to apply lipstick gives uniform lip color coverage. Lanolin and perfume free. Very moisturising and doesn’t dry out at all.
It gives a semi matte finish on lips.

Faces Satin Matte Lipstick: Chestnut


This is in the Satin Matte Finish and is super duper creamy. It glides on my lips like butter and has awesome pigmentation that covers the lips in one swipe only. By the way, its so creamy that while applying I feel like its going to break, its just so wobbly!

Faces Go Chic Lipstick: Candy Floss

faces candy floss lipstick

The lipstick I would say is definitely good for the price I say. The color is nice, smooth, moisturising, no shimmer and no frost, but has a cream finish to it. One swipe does not give me enough color and three times is a minimum for me. The lipstick doesn’t feel like it renders some coat of color on the lips, rather it feels very light to me. The texture is such that it will for sure settle in the fine lines and cracks if you have any and the color can look terrible once accumulated in the fine lines.

Faces Go Chic Lipstick – Wild Blush
faces wild blush lipstick

The product claims to provide rich, long lasting color in just one swipe. It is easy to apply and gives uniform lip color coverage.

Faces Ultime Pro Long Wear Matte Lipstick – Lust


It is a rose pink kind of color or you can say the color I was hunting for from a very long time. It gives me peachy pink or a rosy pink color on my lips and makes me look more vibrant and fresh.

Faces Go Chic Lipstick Carnation Pink

faces carnation pink lipstick

This lipstick is super affordable and value for money. I bought this lipstick some 6 to 7 months online. Looking at its price, I expected the lipstick to be of poor quality, but I was surprised to see how pigmented it is and the texture is simply “wow.” Even the staying power surprised me.

Faces Ultime Pro Long Wear Matte Lipstick – Read My Lips


A matte hot pink shade to brighten the face.

Faces Moisture Rich Lipstick in shade Ultra Pink

Faces-Moisture-Lipstick ultra pink

Moisture rich lipstick.
1) Vitam E & Jojoba oil enriched.
2) Long stay extra shine lip colors.
3) Lanoline and perfume free.

Faces Satin Matte Lipstick – Burgundy Red


The color is the reason I mainly picked it. I didn’t want to try a blue-based red. I was not sure how it will look on my yellow-toned skin. I was looking for a deep red or blood red. I was okay with maroon- red. This one suits my warm yellow skin tone and I think it will suit most Indian skin tones. This is classic red will bright up your face.

Faces Ultime Pro Long Wear Matte Lipstick – Passion


Matte finish for the uber chic! A vivid color burst that lasts more than 8 hours.Enriched with Vitamin E and anti-aging oxidants. Creamy texture gives smooth, water proof high coverage. Available in a range of swanky shades.

Faces Go Chic Lipstick: Flamboyant Fuchsia

faces fuchsia lipstick

I keep fuchsia and magenta shades for my “good-skin day” or maybe after a facial or bleach day because I need a lot of courage to use them, as much as I would use bricks and rusts, but these days, I am picking up bolder shades in reds, magenta and fuchsia, I don’t know why and hence, this one is pure love.

Faces Mineral Lip Colour Garnet Red Wine

faces garnet red wine

It has strong fuschia undertones. It provides full coverage to the lips, one swipe and you get the desired colour though the intensity can always be built up as per one’s liking. This is a nice pigmented shade. It stays on for good 4-5 hours (meals included), that way, the staying power is quite commendable, but it makes the lips a little dry after 1-2 hours of application. A lip balm underneath is a must to keep the lips hydrated and moisturised.

Faces Ultime Pro Long Wear Lip Color – 05 Peach Blush


The pigmentation is good and I would say it works like a layer on the lips, pigmentation will be hidden, this kind of nude might wash out some and it does not do anything to brighten my face, it really keeps the lip makeup simple and hence it is apt for office, I think all skin tones can try this one, in case you wear such warm nudes.

I have some real favs from them like Mulberry and pink wine, which ones do you own and like from the above?

Image 1

Faces Ultime Pro Longwear Matte Lipstick – Flirty Pink
Faces Ultime Pro Long Wear Lip Color – 05 Peach Blush
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