8 Best Facials for Oily Skin in Parlors

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There are different types of facials available in the market these days. And, with the very busy lifestyle which we are leading these days, our skin deserves regular pampering. But, oily skinned beauties are always confused as to which type of facial should they go for in parlors.

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So, here I will be giving you a quick look at which are the best facials specifically designed for oily skinned beauties in parlors:

1. Deep Cleansing Facial:

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This is the most common facial type which everyone should go for at least once in a month. Oily skin tends to get dirty and clogged with oils and bacteria and all, a number of times. Thus, it requires proper cleansing by experts and that’s what you can get at a parlor. And, if oily skin is not cleaned properly then it might lead to acnes and pimples too. Thus, this deep cleansing facial would take maximum 60-90 minutes and is available at most of the parlors.

2. Oil Controlling Facial:

As the name suggests, this facial is tailor-made for oily skinned beauties. This involves regular cleansing and deep exfoliation. This facial involves removal of whiteheads and blackheads too. This is a very important facial for oily skinned beauties as this facial will ensure that their skin is well balanced and well hydrated.

3. Acne Control Facial:

As we discussed above, acnes are very common for oily skinned people. And, people who suffer from regular breakouts should also go for this facial. Acne and breakouts occur when your skin is not 100% clean. And, acnes can even leave a permanent mark on your skin. Thus, you need to be really careful with oily skin. This acne control facial is a chemical formulation wherein not only your acne marks will be visibly reduced but your skin will also be treated so that you experience very few breakouts.

4. Brightening/Whitening Facial:

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One of the most common facials available in parlor these days. You might have observed that oily skin type tends to look dark and oily after some time. So, when you are all set to attend a special function or you want to go to some occasion, then you need to look a bit brighter. And, this is what this facial does. It will remove the tanning marks and the facial oil from your skin and, thus, whitens and brightens the skin.

5. Hydro Lifting Facial:

This is a complexion perking facial treatment which not only whitens and brightens your skin but moisturizes and repairs it at the same time. This facial has more long-lasting effects on the oily skin. This one also lifts and tones the skin. It is a perfect anti-aging facial which can be used for special occasions.

6. Microdermasion Treatment Facial:

Microdermabrasion. woman during a microdermabrasion treatment in beauty salon

This facial treatment as we all know involves skin peeling. This is mostly done for the people who have serious skin concerns. Oily skin, if not taken proper care, can give you serious skin concerns. Regular acne, pimples, clogged pores and many others are some of the most common skin concerns in oily skin. Thus, in this facial, you get a new skin in return.

7. Phyto Stem Cell + Treatment Facial:

This is an award-winning anti-aging facial treatment. The facial is done with cutting edge technology of plant stem cells along with internationally patented ingredients. Together they help to diminish the fine lines and wrinkles and make your skin much younger. The facial, if done in a reputable salon, can decrease the number of years of your skin.

8. Botinal Line Defense Facial:

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This is another anti-aging facial treatment for matured oily skin type. It is observed that oily skin type suffers from regular wrinkles and aging lines issue. Thus, what this revolutionary facial does is that it combines five peptides with vitamin A. This gives a botox treatment to your face but there is no pain of needles or surgery.

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