Best Fairness Face Washes

Best Fairness Face Washes

After my post on the best fairness creams, here I come with the best fairness face washes 🙂 A lot of face washes have come up in the market claiming to give you bright and fair skin with regular use.  I am compiling here the best out of them.  Again, this post is not meant to glorify the “whitening” and “fairness” effects, please do understand that some people do like their skin to be matte and even toned, and if it means using, whitening and fairness products, no harm in it!  So, let’s get directly to the list 🙂

1.  Clean and Clear Fairness Face Wash:

Price:  Rs. 55


Claims to contain a breakthrough formula that reveals naturally bright pinkish fair skin.  The vitamin rich cherry extract formula instantly enhances skin’s natural pinkish fair tone while the unique PureRiceTM Oil control system helps control oil and prevents it from returning for fairness that lasts.  Leaves skin pinkish fair and oil free. This face wash removes dirt and oil effectively, reveals bright skin instantly.

2.  Garnier Light Fairness Face Wash:

Price:  Rs. 78


Pure Lemon Essence helps to accelerate dark cells exfoliation and stimulate fresher, lighter skin to resurface. Instant Whitening Agent to fade off brown spot & make it less visible. Its formula cleanses and clarifies the skin thoroughly and removes impurities that make the skin dull.  This face wash gives instant glow, lightens skin a bit, makes dull skin visibly radiant, cleanses skin thoroughly, removes makeup, makes skin extremely soft.

3.  Biotique Advanced Fairness Face Wash:

Price:  Rs. 60


This fresh-foaming gel is blended with the juices of pineapple, tomato, and lemon and papaya fruit to visibly lighten skin for a fairer, flawless look. With regular use, skin reclaims its soft, smooth, youthful tone and texture.

4.  Himalaya Herbals Clarifying Fairness Face Wash with Saffron Mint:

Price:  Rs. 110


Brightens and reveals glowing skin. It says its soap free and herbal and contains natural ingredients. It says it also contains saffron. Makes skin soft.

5.  Nivea Visage Sparkling Glow Fairness Face Wash:

Price:  Rs. 65

Nivea+Visage+Sparkling+GlowFairness+FaceWash (1)

Nivea Visage Sparkling Glow Fairness Face Wash thoroughly cleanses and purifies your skin while making it fairer, without drying out the skin.

6.  Everyuth Fairness Face Wash:

Price:  Rs. 60


Contains active mili capsules with an advanced breakthrough formulation that effectively cleanses and clears the skin. It also has advanced hydrating and moisturizing properties that gives your skin natural nourishment.  Its unique Mili Capsules gets absorbed deeply into your facial skin and effectively cleanse out impurities & lighten your complexion.  For all skin types.  This face wash contains kojic acid and does lighten skin tone.

7.  VLCC Mandarin and Tomato Natural Fairness Face Wash:

Price:  Rs. 175


For all skin types, this soap free fairness face wash combines a blend of natural extracts such mandarin that reduces blemishes, pigmentation and nourishes skin while tomato that is enriched with vitamin C, it lightens skin tone for a luminous complexion with regular use.  Makes face squeaky clean, lightens blemishes, not drying on skin.

8.  Revlon Touch and Glow Advanced Fairness Face Wash:

Price:  Rs. 165


Creamy face wash, gives sparkling clean skin, shows visible fairness.

9.  Lakme Clean Up Face Wash Fresh Fairness with Vitabeads:

Price:  Rs. 90


Washes away all visible dirt, pollution, and impurities.  Leaves skin clean and visibly fair.  Exfoliates gently with vitabeads.  Nourishes and hydrates.

10.  Kaya Skin Clinic Fairness Face Cleanser:

Price:  Rs. 350

Kaya Fairness Face Wash

A lightweight, non-sticky cleanser with micro fine beads for gentle exfoliation.  Makes skin super squeaky clean, refreshed and rejuvenated.  Gently exfoliates to get rid of dirt and unclog pores. It doesn’t strip out the moisture or dry out the skin or cause any inflammation.  Makes skin supple, doesn’t break out skin.

11.  Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Face Wash:

Price:  Rs. 165


Claims to fight the 6 blocks to fairness, i.e., dark spots, acne marks/blemishes, uneven skin tone, oiliness, tanning and dullness. Cleanses effectively, helps to even out complexion.

12.  Fair and Lovely Multi Vitamin Face Wash:

Price:  Rs. 95


This rich lathering foam along with Tri-Fair vitamin complex and anti-oxidants lifts away impurities and works gently to help provides instant fairer look, clear skin, soft and smooth feel.  Makes skin fairer, fades away skin marks, lathers very well.

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