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glowing skin home remediesGlowing skin

Each one of us dreams of having a flawless glowing skin. A glowing face never goes unnoticed and is always appreciated. Every time I see someone with beautiful skin I always wonder, what she does to achieve that glowing skin. Is it very good makeup skills, or what make up product does she use or what
beauty regime does she follow. It is true that makeup can do wonders to how you look. It can even transform a devil to a diva. But no matter what make up can do, beautiful skin is always beautiful and it always shows even through your makeup. Your skin speaks volumes about your diet intake and also about your state of mind. Just like how regular skin care regime of cleansing, toning and moisturizing is important for our skin externally it is equally important to take a have a good diet intake. The real glow to the skin comes from within and it depends a lot on what you eat. Today I would like to share a few tips that I have introduced into my daily schedule and it has improved my skin drastically.

almonds1. Almonds: This is something we all know. Even actors swear by this. Soak 5 almonds in water over night. Peel them in the morning and eat them. Don’t worry if you forgot to soak them, just eat them as it is. You will see a difference in a week’s time. Almonds are natural source of Vitamin E. They help in improving complexion by bringing a nice glow and natural shine to skin making it soft. It is a natural antioxidant too. It also helps in digestion and even reduces cholesterol. Being a good source of protein it helps in improving the texture of your hair. It also reduces dark circles.

2. Fruits: Try to eat 3 different colored fruits daily of your choice. Try to include one citrus fruit. Women tend to have a sweet tooth. Fulfill your sweet craving with fruits you like. Fruits contain natural sugars and hence no weight gain. Fruits are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants which are needed for the body. They really help to cure blemishes on the skin. Vitamin C from citrus fruits helps to flush out the toxins from the body. It is a natural skin booster that not only helps to improve your immune system but also improves the health of your skin. The best way to have three fruits daily is have one during breakfast, one at around 4-5 pm and one before or after dinner (as dessert).

3. Vegetable juice: Take minimum 3 veggies of your choice- like tomato, lauki, carrot, beetroot, pumpkin, brinjal, spinach, cucumber, methi, mint leaves, coriander leaves, beet root etc. Try to include one green veggie. Take the veggies you like, add water and make juice in a mixer. Drink it right away as it is without straining it. Add salt to taste. Drink this regularly for a week and you will notice a drastic change in your skin. This one really works- you will fall in love with your skin. Try using different combination of veggies so that there is variation in taste and you don’t get bored. As all veggies are rich in one nutrient or the other – that way you will be taking in different vitamins, minerals in your body.

4. Dry Fruits/Nuts: Make a mixture of dry fruits, saffron and turmeric and store it in a jar. Add this mixture to your milk. Have this before you go to sleep. If you find this too much, drink half a glass of milk to start with. This helps in improving digestion. Turmeric and saffron have medicinal properties that help to brighten skin, lighten blemishes and improve skin pigmentation. Dry fruits like cashews, anjeer (figs), pistachios are rich in protein. Protein intake for vegetarians is usually less as compared to people who eat meat/egg. Proteins are essential for growth and repair of tissues in our body. Also, In between meals when you feel like having a snack, instead of having something junk have nuts instead. They are not only filling but this way there is substantial protein intake in your diet apart from what we get from daal/lentils and veggies.

lemon honey5. Warm water, lemon and honey: Have a glass of warm water with a tea spoon of honey and fresh lemon juice in it in the morning every day. This flushes out the toxins in our body. It also helps in digestion and weight loss. It helps in clearing skin blemishes and spots.

6. Orange Juice: Drink freshly squeezed orange juice without sugar whenever you can. It imparts an instant glow to the skin.

7. Water: Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Carry a bottle with you all the time. Don’t feel shy to carry a bottle with you at all places. We have trendy water bottles and bags in all sizes out in the market. So don’t give yourself the excuse that my bottle does not look good or my bag is too small to hold a bottle. It is very important to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Your body and skin both are always craving it.

8. Workout: Try to dedicate 30 minutes of daily exercise in your daily routine. Whatever suits you and your routine, be it – walking, skipping, yoga, cardio or the gym. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to lose weight or not. Exercise is really important. It improves blood circulation in the body and imparts a healthy glow and flush to your skin. I know exercise is very boring and requires a lot of self motivation especially if you have to do it alone. This is just a mental block which you can get over with. If you are a couple, get your partner along with you. If you are single look for friends who are looking for company too. Load your cell phone/music player with songs which pep up your mood and play them while exercising. Once you get over this mental block you will love it. It is totally worth the effort. Start slowly from say 2 days a week and increase gradually, If 30 minutes feels too much start with 10 minutes and then increase once you and your body get comfortable. Exercising is very distressing, it improves your self confidence, makes you feel good about yourself and generates a lot of positive energy in you. You sleep well at night after exercising and you feel fresh.

9. Beauty Sleep: Last but not the least; don’t forget to catch up on your beauty sleep. Whenever possible try to sleep 7 hours a day.

10. Be Happy: Try to be happy at all times. When you are happy your skin glows and it shows. It took me a while to get these into my daily routine – sometimes I was just lazy, sometimes I would forget and sometimes I didn’t have the time. I had to overcome several challenges the toughest one being – exercising. I would exercise for two days and then take a break for 2 weeks. My body would ache. It wasn’t easy for me and it seemed as if exercise was just not my cup of tea. I realized how lazy my body was and how much I needed to exercise. My husband helped me a lot in developing an exercise routine and motivating me. After a conscious effort last year, we have managed to follow this over the last 7-8 months and my skin has shown a noticeable improvement – It looks fresh, has a healthy glow , occasional breakouts have reduced and blemishes almost gone. I could see results in 1-2 weeks time and that motivated me to stick to it and it even got my husband involved in to this routine. We did receive a lot of compliments. Friends have even asked us what the secret behind the glow is. The secret is just eating right, exercising regularly and above all just being happy.

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58 thoughts on “Glowing Skin Home Remedies

  1. This looks like a HG article for getting a healthy and beautiful skin naturally…I am gonna take a printout of it and stick in my diary!! :toothygrin: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: Ayedee!!

    1. Diary me nahi, wall pe lagao so that you don’t forget :toothygrin:
      We tend to forget the simplest things so fast na :sidefrown:

  2. each and every point is so true and effective ayedee :yes: 🙂
    but stil we get so lazy ….this is a great reminder, dryfruits, workout, lemon honey saffron water almonds…these worked for me for the glow when i was gonna be married
    after marriage i got lazy :yawn:

    1. Same Pinch Neha, I too got so lazy after my wedding. I got a reality check after bumping into IMBB 🙂 . Little basic things can do such wonders.
      Can’t thank you all enough for reminding them.

  3. awesome article to bring a glow from within….n nt only beauty but also health….thank u for the tips…………i will surely bring it in action….. :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: especially nuts….i love to eat themm yumm yumm…..

  4. just awesome ….. thank u ayedee….. :thanks: :thanks:
    everyone is aware of most of the 10 points that u have listed…. but motivation and consistency matters so much…. ur article has provided the motivation….. hope to follow most of it :))

    1. Rightly said Ramya. It requires a lot of motivation to start something and stick to it. But once we see results thats the greatest motivation to continue 🙂

  5. nice post gal… :victory: :victory:
    My tiny take on getting that glow is taking your good beauty sleep.. it always work for me :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :victory2:

  6. superb one AyeDee. Really nice article… Motivated me to exercise daily… Atleast i vl again stick to my breathing exercise… I hv bcome too lazy..

  7. Great article Ayedee! :victory: Sometimes we forget how much difference the most basic things like adequate sleep, water and exercise can make! These 3 things along with fruits, salads and dry fruits have worked wonders on my skin.

  8. :woot: :rotfl: :rotfl: i was looking for these kind of tips from so much time.. this is the exact this i was wanting!!!! thank you so so so much! love this article

  9. hi! I am pregnant currently in my 18th week.can i have the dry fruit powder u’ve suggested? wrhat about carrot & beetroot juice? I heard we should not consume carrot juice during pregnancy as it will stop the embryo from growing and lead to miscarriage?
    can u give me some tips to help my baby have a fair complexion?

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