Best Hair Colour for Green Eyes and Different Skin Tones

Hair colour is something every women is obsessed with, personally I love hair colouring and always experiment with my looks! And fortunately, it always complements me. If you are bored with your look, try changing your hair colour. Obviously both Bollywood and Hollywood have inspired me to try different hair colour and hairstyles. But getting the right shade for your skin tone and eye colour is the most important part! Let’s find out the best hair colour for green eyes and different skin tones!

Best Hair Colour for Green Eyes and Different Skin Tones

If you are thinking of colouring your hair, the first thing you need to do is to determine your skin tone.

1. Cool:

• Cool skin tones tend to be light, pale skin.
• If you have cool undertone, the veins on your wrist will appear blue, not green.
• Your cheeks are slightly pink
• You skin suits in silver jewelry, as compared to gold.

2. Olive skin:

Best Hair Colour for Green Eyes and Different Skin Tones fair

• People with olive skin tend to have hazel eyes, not blue/green.
• The veins on your wrist appear green.
• Your complexion has shades of yellow and green
• Your hardly get sun burnt.

3. Warm skin:

• Warm undertones are more likely to be on medium to dark, deep skin tones.
• The veins on your wrist appear green (not blue)
• Your complexion has hints of yellow shades.
• Warm skin gets sun tan easily.
• Your skin flatters gold jewelry than silver.

4. Fair skin:

• Fair skin usually have light green or blue-green eyes.
• You have hints of blue and red undertones
• The veins are likely to be blue or green and is quite visible.
• Your skin gets sun burn easily.

Tip: Choose a colour that is close to your natural hair. You can either go three shades lighter or darker. Choosing a colour that is too light than your natural hair colour will need a lot of effort and can cost you with hair damage.

Best Hair Colour for Green Eyes and Different Skin Tones Brown

1. Best hair colour for cool tones: shades like ash blonde, platinum, ice, silver, champagne, reds are meant for you! (Green eyes will definitely rock these hair colours)

2. Best hair colour for olive skin: Want to try blonde shade? Opt for shades like honey blonde, golden blonde, bronze, caramel, mocha, Auburn you could also try burgundy or a cherry red.

3. Best hair colour for warm skin tones: You can choose from warm brown shade, honey, golden brown mahogany, amber or cinnamon. These shades work best for people with medium skin with warm undertones.

4. Best hair colour for fair skin tones: You can safely play around with shades like honey, butterscotch, gold, caramel and amber. You could also try cool reds like burgundy, and auburn. true red will also suit fair to cool skin with reddish undertones.

Note: If you have green eyes with cool/fair/olive/warm skin tone, then follow the colour guide given above to pop your eye colour.

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