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I am a recent member of IMBB and I am addicted to it. I daily visit IMBB and I am loving it to my heart. I have a query on best hair dyes available as I am suffering from grey hairs. I do apply henna, but I do not like the brown tinge it gives to my hair. Can you please help me out?

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5 thoughts on “Best Hair Dye: Ask IMBB

  1. Thanks Neha for your advice. I have lots of greyhair and have longhair until waist. How much and how often you use.

  2. Try Revlon Ammonia free hair color. Its safe, the color is rich and the longevity is good. 🙂

  3. Go for INOA. and if you’re under 30 yrs then go seek a trichologist first.. INOA is recommended by my tricho and it;s absolutely safe!

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