5 Best Hair Oils For Chemically-Treated Hair

Hair oil forms a very important part of a healthy hair care regimen as they help seal in moisture and shine, and also help prevent breakage. Hair oil can be considered a must for girls who have chemically-treated hair as their hair becomes much more prone to dryness and breakage. However, there’s misinformation that women who have chemically straightened hair or have undergone other hair treatments cannot apply oil, which is not true, you can apply oil one week after the treatment because it becomes necessary to infuse moisture into chemically-treated strands to make sure the moisture stays locked in. But let us be clear that hair oils by themselves cannot moisturize hair, they just help in sealing and locking moisture in hair strands. So, with so many oils that are available in the market, there’s much confusion about which hair oil works best for damaged hair, so in this post, we have picked 5 Best Oils for Chemically-Treated Hair.

Best Hair Oils For Chemically Treated Hair

1. Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is the only oil that moisturizes hair like water as it penetrates deep into the hair strands, just like water does. It reduces hygral fatigue (a phenomenon that occurs when the hair strand swells due to absorption of lot of water and de-swells as it is dries). This process of expansion and contraction can cause serious damage to the hair over a period of time. So, when you apply coconut oil, it gets attached to proteins in hair strands and prevents them from absorbing too much water and swelling too much. So, apply a good amount of coconut oil to your hair either overnight or at least an hour before washing your hair. Our hair also loses proteins from its strands every time when you manipulate it either through deep conditioning or combing. So, this mechanical damage can cause split ends over time. But, when you apply coconut oil, it reduces this protein loss by filling in the holes of missing proteins and you will be left with thick and shiny hair.

2. Castor Oil: Castor oil is very popular for its ability to trigger hair growth. It is also excellent at sealing moisture into the hair due to its thick consistency. So, you need not constantly reapply it as it can keep your hair moisturized for a longer period of time. It also promotes hair re-growth if your follicles are still capable of producing hair.

3. Grapeseed oil: Grapeseed oil is a ceramide oil with over 73% ceramides which are known to provide moisture and strength within the hair strand and to create a smooth barrier along the cuticles of the hair. So, it is one of the best sealing oils for chemically-treated hair. If you want to ceramides in your hair, just add a tablespoon of grapeseed oil to your hair conditioner or use it as a standard sealing oil after washing your hair. It will not weigh down your hair as it is an extremely lightweight oil. A lot of women also use grapeseed oil as a heat protectant due to its high smoke point of 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Argan Oil: Argan oil is called “liquid gold” for a reason – it prevents split ends, reduces breakage, and nourishes the hair and scalp with its high vitamin E and healthy fats content. It also has antioxidants which helps in fighting free radicals. Argan oil nourishes, hydrates, softens and protects hair.

5. Avocado Oil: This oil is rich in vitamin B and E. It has the ability to deeply penetrate hair strands and hence beneficial to moisturize dry and damaged hair. Biotin in avocado oil also promotes hair growth and nourishes the hair, and prevents future damage by strengthening the strands from within.

Hope this information has given you more insight into oils that would be great for your chemically-treated hair.

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