Best Hair Regrowth Treatments Available in the Market

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Hope everything is going good at your end! I am super excited about today’s post because it will surely help thousands of people dealing with the problem. Hair fall is one among the most common problems every one of us suffers from. From unhygienic hair condition to hormonal issues and genetic problems, there are many reasons behind the hair fall of a person.

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Regardless of origin and ethnicity, baldness is a condition that affects the majority of the population. The only upside to this is that there are many treatments available in the market which can help to treat this issue. From laser treatments to taking proper medicines, there are many treatments that can help in the hair regrowth. Check out the best hair regrowth treatments available.

1. Laser Treatments:

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Laser treatment is quite common, popular and effective hair growth treatment available in the market which gives you guaranteed results. Laser treatments can help to prevent hair loss and boost hair regrowth. The best part of laser treatment is that it is so easy to be done. Laser treatments are drug-free and generally done in salons or clinics. The treatment involves the use of a cap which you need to put on the scalp and wait for some time. Make sure you go to the best doctor to get the best treatment.

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2. Platelet Rich Plasma:

Platelet Rich Plasma is one among the most popular treatments that can help to treat hair loss in a person. This treatment helps to modify the blood, which in turn helps to boost hair growth. It also helps to energize and boost blood circulation in the scalp. Generally, a mixture of special solutions is injected in the scalp. Your scalp is numbed before giving the injections in order to prevent pain. Platelet Rich Plasma is an expensive treatment to regrow hair and can only be done in clinics.

3. Stem Cell Therapy:

Stem Cell Therapy is another popular and effective way which helps in regrowth of hair. People are not sure about Stem Cell Therapy, but let me tell you that this is quite effective in improving your hair condition. Stem Cell Therapy involves a special technique where a stable amount of epithelial stem cells of the hair follicles are invested in the laboratory in order to generate artificial hair from this. These hair follicles are then injected into the scalp. Stem Cell Therapy is not performed in most of the labs and clinics in India, but it is quite commonly used in Western countries including US and UK. This therapy works faster as compared to other treatments.

4. Taking Medicines:

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If hair regrowth is quite a problem for you, you should start taking medicines in order to prevent further hair loss. There are a large number of medicines in the market which can help in hair regrowth and also prevent baldness. Cortisone, Minoxidil, Finasteride Kalium Carbonicum, Licorice Extracts, Diphenylcyclopropenone and Nioxin Vitamins are some of the excellent medicines that can help in hair regrowth. These are doctor-prescribed tablets which can be easily found in medical stores. They are also available online these days.

5. Using Anti-Hair Fall Shampoos:


Using anti-hair fall shampoos is another easy and effective way for hair regrowth. Anti-hair Fall shampoos can prevent hair fall and also help to defeat hair loss in both, men and women. Using these shampoos is an excellent no-brainer way that can help to prevent hair loss and also regrow your hair. Biotique Bio Kelp Fresh Growth Protein Shampoo, Dr. Batra’s Hair Fall Control Shampoo, L’Oreal Paris Fall Resist 3X Shampoo, Tresemme Hair Fall Control Shampoo are some of the best products in the market.

6. Using Hair Growth Serums or Solutions:

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Just like hair loss shampoos, there are many hair growth serums or solutions available in the market which can help to provide enough amount of nutrients to the scalp and hair. Applying this serum can help to strengthen the hair follicles and also prevent hair loss and hair damage. Generally, serums or hair regrowth solutions contain a high amount of Niacin, Vitamin C, Zinc and other important nutrients which help to restore strength and nutrients to the scalp. Livon Hair Gain Tonic, L’oreal Total Repair 5 Instant Smoothing and Nourishing Oil Serum, Anti Hair Fall Kit, Hair for Sure Hair Management Treatment are some of the best hair regrowth serums in the market.

7. Onion Juice Remedy:

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If you want to try some easy homemade recipe that can help in hair regrowth, you should try using onion juice. Due to a large amount of sulfur present in the onion, it can help to boost collagen production in the tissues and also help in the growth of the hair. Using onion juice is one among the ancient remedies that can help in hair regrowth. Take an onion and extract its juice. Apply on the scalp and allow it to dry. Wash off with lukewarm water.

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